Drama Banchan – A Plethora of Killers

collageIt’s almost Halloween, and with it will be the end of our Halloween blog post celebration.  But there is still time to throw in one last scary themed compilation.  This time we are going to be looking at the best of the best dramas involving serial killers.  Because who doesn’t love a good mass murderer now and then? Continue reading


A Side of Khottie Vampire

collage1Oh Korean vampires.  How I want to love you, but so often you just miss the mark on being  scary and/or romantic.  It’s not that you don’t cast the best and hottest kactors out there, but more often than not, I end up rolling my eyes at their vampy antics.  So with Halloween arriving soon and keeping in tune with our Halloween themed Kdrama and Kpop posts, let’s do some discussing of the greatest and most “meh” of the vampire genre. Continue reading

Drama Banchan – Halloween Kdrama Style

a4As I was searching for a drama to watch this week in commemoration of Halloween I realized that there are just not a lot of truly scary kdramas.  There are a plethora of Korean horror movies, but when it comes to kdramas it is a highly overlooked genre.   Is it because of the censors?  Probably, since they even blur out knives because of public sensitivity.  But whatever the reason, it took some work to come up with a list that might give you some chills and thrills.  So come join us fangirls as we chat about the scariest dramas out there.  Did we miss your favorite?  Be sure to let us know what your Halloween dramathon choice is in the comments.

Continue reading

Can You Ever Have Enough Yoo Seung Ho? “Imaginary Cat” Trailers, Stills, & Casting News!

collage1ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!  How much Yoo Seung Ho news can my heart take in one day?  Obviously the kdrama gods are testing me since not only do we get stills from his new movie “Joseon Magician” and two (count them TWO) leading lady castings confirmed. But we also get the adorable first teaser for his November drama “Imaginary Cat”.  I don’t think it is an exaggeration when I say that everything is coming up Yoo Seung Ho right now. Continue reading