A Side of Kpop


A true fangirl loves everything about her chosen obsession.  So if you are obsessed with Kdramas, it is only right that you also obsess equally over Kpop.  At least half of the singers end up in dramas at one time or another and they tend to lead as a gateway to each other.  So in true fangirl fashion, we will also be covering the latest Kpop releases every couple of months.  So join us as we chat about Fall’s greatest MV’s. Continue reading


“Remember” 3rd Teaser Ups the Angst and the Yoo Seung Ho


They threw everything and the kitchen sink into this teaser.  At least in comparison to the first two teasers that were more stylized than actual plot focused.   We have our OTP having cute interactions, we have car accidents, murdered ladies, back tattoos, quirky detectives, a father falsely framed, and tons of gorgeous Yoo Seung Ho.  What more could we have asked for? Continue reading

Answer Me 1988 Episode 6: First Snow, First Love


I really, really, didn’t want to focus on the main romance in another one of my posts, but this episode leaves me with no choice. They opened my mouth and force fed me a huge love line plot twist. It’s one I can say made me giddy and worried in the same moment, and I cannot wait to talk about it at the end.

Loves lines aside, this continues to be one of my favorite groups of friends ever. (Excluding Sassy Go, Go. I think that show wins in the friends department.) Even the parent’s friendships are so important and heart warming, they can’t be ignored. Good job writer-nim for bridging the generation gap. Since I’m a mom of a four with a teenager’s brain, I think this suits me quite well.


Jung Hwan’s injured heart

Continue reading

Drama Banchan: Dramathoning Like A Fangirl #2


I just realized that since we have such a diverse group watching and chatting about dramas, we have moved from chatting just  Korean, to really covering shows from all over Asia.  I hope that this can help readers get good suggestions for branching out since good TV is good TV whatever the language.  So come join the fangirls as we chat dramas from Korea, Japan, China, and Thailand!  Continue reading