Answer Me 1988 Episode 16: Skewed Focus

We only have four episodes left of 1988, with no new episodes next week . (Sorry about the misinformation in the last post.)

I loved this episode, there were so many great/funny moments. I feel so close to all the characters, I consider them friends more than fictional Continue reading


“Answer Me 1988” Episode 15: When the Warm Fuzzies Attack


I am possibly at the point where it is impossible to come up with specific themes for each episode.  Pretty much we always just have a mesh of wonderful heart touching slice of life stories that highlight the whole neighborhood. It has gotten to the point that I now have a dream that someday I can live next to my kbesties on the same block so we can hang outside our house and gossip while our kids create friendships and fall in love (Hear that Angela and Jen!  You have to convince your hubbies to move to Portland for me.)a01 Continue reading

Lee Kwang Soo Takes The Lead in Trailer for Drama Special “Puck!”

a0f10.pngI have been a Lee Kwang Soo fan for years, so I am really happy to see him finally being acknowledged for not just his variety talent.  It has been a long time coming, but I think that South Korean entertainment is ready to take some baby steps away from its traditional pretty casting and give some great comedians a chance to shine.  I am also thinking of Kim Seul-Gi who was finally able to land a leading lady role in Splash Splash Love.  Maybe if we are lucky we will see more surprise castings in 2016. Continue reading

Kdrama Jen & Kmuse’s Love/Hate Relationship With 2015

collage2I love the holidays because it means that one of my best kbestie buddies can stop adulting and come out to play.  So what do we do for fun when we are not doing the whole parenting/student/working thing?  We chat kdramas of course!  And this time, we are going to touch on a topic that usually we don’t do in our End of Year Reviews.  That is, we are going to talk about those dramas we are in a love-hate relationship with.  Continue reading

Kmuse’s End of Year Countdown – Favorite kdrama Actors of 2015


Slowly (too slowly) we are making our way through the “End of Year” lists.  I always say I am going to be totally on top of it and finish before January 1st.  But here we are only on my favorite actors with several more lists yet to come.  But what is a kaddict to do when you have a topic with so many award winning performances?  Just keep on blogging of course.  Even if that means that it goes a little bit into 2016. Because it would be tragic to leave even one khottie stranded without my seal of approval.   Tragic I tell you. Continue reading

Answer Me 1988 Epsiode 14: The Gifts

First Off, Merry Christmas Eve everyone!! I hope you enjoy some family time, and get to catch up on dramas next week!

I’m trying to do some Holiday Inspired things myself (Without So Ji Sub on my screen, unfortunately) So I’m going to keep this recap short.


I will say this before I start, if you get a chance to watch this episode, do. I came to tears at a particularly touching part where we got to see Duk Seon Soo Yeon’s real heart. I can’t really cover it, but I will say this, she’s loyal when it counts, and I can see why so many guys like her. Continue reading