Signal Episode 3 – A Plethora of Murders

b5.pngThings suddenly get real as our hero realizes that he has the ability to change time….. with a little bit of magical walkie talkie help ……..and all our leads have to start coloring outside the lines of the law to catch a killer in the past and the present.  It is an intense hour which this fangirl loved deeply and if at times I don’t know 100% what’s going on during the first viewing, then that is OK since our detectives are at a loss as well (and it gives me an excuse to watch it again and catch all the details I missed the first go around).  So come join me as I chat about all my favorite spine-tingling moments in Episode 3. Continue reading


One More Happy Ending Episode 3: I Like You Better When You’re Drunk


15.pngWell, this episode was interesting.  I am not 100% positive that it was a good interesting since I am still a tiny bit twerked at the direction the show is taking.  The drama continues to rush forward at the speed of light (or, at least, a normal speed dating meet and greet) as we see our leading lady jump head first into love lust for the third time in as many episodes.  I am pretty sure at this point I just want to see our leading lady jump onto a therapist’s couch where she can pause and contemplate some of those feelings that are bursting about her head.  Continue reading

Signal Episode 1 : Killing it Like A Boss

b20It’s finally here!  Signal has finally premiered and you all can stop hearing me promote the heck out of it.  Instead, you can start reading my recaps because I am a fangirl in love.  And while I do adore all the actors participating in this drama (Lee Je Hoon makes me swoon) it is actually the writing that has my heartbeat increasing …. and not just because of the intense suspense that is going on. Continue reading

Puck! Episode 1 – Thugs Thinking Outside The Box

12.pngLee Kwang Soo as a tough as nails gangster with a soft inner core playing hockey?  Uhm,  YES PLEASE!  That was my reaction when I heard about this drama special, and I could not be happier about the end result.  While there were a few “What the Heck” moments of disbelief, for the most part, I really enjoyed episode 1.  Which of course prompted me to share my thoughts with the world and maybe convince others to give this show a chance.  So come join me as I chat about my first ever thug/hockey/college con/romantic melodrama special. Continue reading

The Fangirls Roundtable: “Answer Me 1988”


It is rare that there is a drama that all The Fangirls are watching together.  But somehow “Answer Me 1988” has become such a drama.  So since we are all sad that it is finished and we have to say goodbye, we decided to say goodbye together in our first ever drama roundtable.  So join us as we chat about our favorite characters, couples, and just all things Answer Me 1988. Continue reading

Answer Me 1988 Episode 19: I’ve Got You Babe

f7It is actually very hard to write this review because it will be my last recap for the drama.  But I must suck it up and give the people what they want (or don’t want depending on who you talk to) and reveal “THE HUSBAND”.  Except that will come later since there was so much more than just the reveal in this episode.  Because at the end of the day this is a story about a block, not one couple, and the relationships that make life worth living.  So without further ado let’s jump into my recap of Episode 19. Continue reading