First Glimpse of Kang Ji Hwan for Upcoming Drama “Monster”

a1.pngSQUEEEE!  I love Kang Ji Hwan, which makes me very excited to start seeing the fruits of his latest drama labor. Especially when one of those fruits is shirtless.  Continue reading


Signal Episode 11 – A Fated Investigation

c33I am not sure if I am excited or dismayed that we are finally getting to the final cold cases that need to be solved.  Sure I am thrilled to finally get to the meat and potatoes of the plot.  But that also means that we are getting closer to the end which will leave me devastated.  It is always hell saying goodbye to a truly well-done drama.  But time waits for no one and we must move on with yet another great episode.  So join me as we finally get to delve into Hae Young’s tragic backstory. Continue reading

One More Happy Ending Episode 12 – A Recap of Random Thoughts & Speculations

a29.pngThank goodness this episode was a slight improvement over our last.  Sadly, that does not set the bar very high and we still seem to go at a snail’s pace.  Mi Mo is mopey, Not Hot Doc is whiny, and Soo Hyuk seems to have lost some of the spunk he had before going to the US.  I wonder if the writer has any pep left in her plotting?  I guess we will just have to trudge through these last few episodes to find out.   Continue reading

One More Happy Ending Episode 11 -Its a Rantfest

b11.jpgIf you were a huge fan of today’s episode, this might not be the review for you because I got a tiny bit ranty.  There just reaches a point in a show where things need to get moving and sadly, One More Happy Ending has stomped all over that point and then sat down and had a huge cryfest.  So proceed with caution if you don’t want to get my true feelings about where we are in the drama and let’s all pray that this is a outlier and things will get back on track ASAP. So join me as I switch things around and countdown my top rants rather than raves. Continue reading

Signal Episode 10-Fight like a girl. Cry like one, too.

Can we talk for a minute about girl power? I promise that I won’t get too feminist on you, but this episode explores how a character (man or woman) can show the duality of what it means to be a human. I’ve made it known that I think Soo-hyun is kick ass. She’s a smart detective who doesn’t let her male bosses, or the creeps they catch, push her around. But she’s also a person who is frail sometimes. Someone who succumbs to fear when faced with a truly horrifying scenario. This episode takes us to her darkest moments, and by the time it’s over, will show us how strong she really is.

Screenshot 2016-02-21 18.44.52

Continue reading

Signal Episode 9 – The Killer Clerk Lurks Among Us

22.pngAfter a week of traditional, taking down the rich bad guy, style plot we return to the intensity that this drama does so well.  We have a new (or old depending on the timeline) serial killer to catch.  One that gives the viewers chills in that he not only kills women but does it in a scary and torturous way.  Let’s just say that I had a bit of a hard time walking outside after dark the night I viewed both episodes.   Continue reading