Drama Banchan: Dramathoning Like A Fangirl #6


It’s that time again where The Fangirls are checking out a ton of new dramas.  If you are on the fence about starting a show, come see what we have to say about it.  Might help you take the plunge into a new drama or run away screaming, saving yourselves the heartache of a crappy 16 hours wasted. Continue reading


W-Two Worlds Episode 4 – Life sucks! At least when you’re fictional.


Things get real for our heroine. Who knew being fictional would be so hard? On the other hand our hero has to face a cold reality. But don’t think for a second Kang Chul is going to let a little thing like being a comic book character stop him from staying “alive”. This weeks episodes both clocked in at 12.9% in the ratings, pushing W to the number one spot for Wed/Thurs time slot.

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W-Two Worlds Episode 3 – Lingerie or a long shot?


I seriously have a crazy fangirl love affair going on with this drama.  It makes recapping so much more enjoyable when I don’t have to figure out a new way to say “this sucks” every week!  And W-Two Worlds does in no way suck.  In fact, this is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite dramas (knock on imaginary wood) and I pray it stays strong til the end.  But for now we are only on episode 3 so let’s start discussing our kooky heroine and her charming hero. Continue reading

Fangirl Stalking: Jang Hyuk


Today is my first solo blog post and of course it’s a fangirl stalking post.  I’m Clkytta, and I’m an avid drama fan who is delighted that I can share my drama watching addiction with you. Why did I pick Jang Hyuk for my first solo blog post?  First, his voice, he has one of those voices that sounds kind of gravelly and super sexy and just makes you tingle all over. Second, his eyes, he has amazingly expressive eyes that can convey pure delight, or extreme coldness. Third, his laugh, he has the most amazing laugh, it’s not what you would expect out of such a manly man, and it makes me laugh with him. Last, but not least, I’m a woman pushing 40, and while I love flower boys, there is something about a more mature man that just draws me in.

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