Lee Kwang Soo Leads a Quirky Cast in Web Drama The Sound of Your Heart


Lee Kwang Soo will always have a special place in my heart for his various side kick characters and running man persona.  So I was thrilled when I heard he was getting a leading role in a drama.  Sure it is only a web drama, but we have to start somewhere right? Continue reading


Shopping King Louie Episode 10- The Dos and Don’ts of Shopping King Louie

a1It is the episode we have all been dreading for weeks.  That moment where something huge comes between our OTP and causes a rift that can’t just be fixed by Louie being his cute adorable self.  And since I don’t want to dwell for long on these moments of sadness, I decided to do a quick recap today highlighting the Dos and Donts of this episode. Continue reading

Mane of Glory Recap #10

fotorcreatedAm I the only one feeling a deep Park Bo Gum size hole in my life?  Sadly, we do not have any Moonlight Drawn by Clouds episodes to recap.  But at least there is still a ton of drama going on in Scarlet Heart?  We are getting towards the end and need to find out if Su and So will have a happy ending.  Or will fate and historical accuracy pull them apart forever? Continue reading

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim Tries to Entice With Stellar Cast and Teaser

.;a2.pngThis show has so many actors that I truly enjoy, there is only one problem with it…..It is a medical drama.  Long time readers know that this is not my favorite genre.  In fact, the only genres I dislike more are Lawyer shows and reunited divorced couples.  Why can’t Chillbongie choose a show I really want to watch?  I am beginning to worry that I don’t like him as much as Reply 1994 convinced me I did. Continue reading