My Secret Romance: Episode 13 – Check, please!

IMG_5445The lovers reunited in episode 12 and left us expecting happy, squeeful moments for the finale. Would we return to that cupcake-like sweetness that won our hearts in the beginning of the show? Cancel that order. Instead, My Secret Romance stuck it’s tongue out at us in one giant MERONG!!!!

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Suspicious Partner: Episode 11 & 12


We finally take a few steps forward in the romance department, only to be stopped in our tracks due to an annoying ex and her selfish feelings.  UGH.  What does a kaddict have to do to get some skinship action around here? Come join me as I chat about relationship beginnings, my new favorite character of the drama, and why I think our defendant looks guilty as heck. Continue reading

The Fangirl’s Kdrama Roundtable: The Military Giveth and the Military Taketh Away


With Joo Won and Lee Min Ho joining the military this past week, I think it is the perfect time to take a moment and analyze the mandatory military service system and how it effects Kdrama Addicts.  Join the Fangirls as they discuss their favorite actors forced into MS and who they are looking forward to coming out in the latest edition of The Fangirl’s Roundtable. Continue reading

Suspicious Partner: Episode 7 & 8

.2a87b1My love for our quirky OTP (One True Pairing) continues as they join forces (and living quarters) to find the killer that changed their lives so drastically.  But all that cohabitation plays havoc on Bong Hee’s self-imposed restraining order, not to mention Ji Wook’s attempts to be the mopiest lawyer in all of Seoul.  Join me as I chat all my favorite parts of episodes 7 & 8! Continue reading