New Character Teasers for Prison Playbook

Ooh! The new character teasers for Prison Playbook have me intrigued! The last set of character teasers flashed by at light speed, so I am happy to see we get a little more time with each member of our main cast. Just observing their body language gives us some hints about the personalities of this motley crew. Continue reading


14 Days of K-Pop: Distinctive Sounds – A Vocalist’s Analysis

Some K-Pop groups are written off as having an over-produced and auto tuned sound.  They are there to make songs that can be danced to and MVs full of beautiful people with fancy choreography.  It is a fact that often trainees are scouted on the basis of their looks and dancing potential.  Singing ability is not always a priority.  However, there are a few groups and idols that really stand out for their distinct sound or raw vocal talent.  Here is a vocal analysis of some of my favorites. Continue reading

14 Days of K-Pop: Wanna One – A New Group for a New Generation

There is something about being an early fan that connects you to an idol group with a sense of loyalty that is enduring. I have seen this with my friends who are Big Bang fangirls. I wasn’t into K-pop ten years ago, so I didn’t see the evolution of Big Bang’s music and I don’t have memories of that early excitement when they were first discovering their sound. I have that with BTS, so I understand the phenomenon. I wasn’t an early fan, but as soon as I was introduced to them, I went back and watched every Bangtan Bomb and even the super awkward “Hustle Life.” Continue reading

Jeju Dramas on Location

Have you dreamed of aimlessly wandering through Jeju tangerine groves or visiting the Seaes Resort (featured in Boys Over Flowers)?  Did Warm and Cozy make you want to visit Jeju (even if it was just to beat some sense into that arrogant boy)?  If so, then now is your chance!  Kdrama Jen would like to invite you along.  Please comment with your favorite Jeju drama locations and Kdrama Jen (and maybe Jennie Bennett too) will visit them for you!  We even have a fun contest in mind, so be sure to comment for your chance to live vicariously and maybe even win something!