Rest in Love, Jonghyun

    Credit to @gehenna1986 (permission granted on Twitter) for this gorgeous piece of art.

This has been a rough week, y’all. Just . . . rough.

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Don’t Leave the Maknae Unattended: Healer

I always struggled with the story of Superman. Sure, he plays a bumbling reporter by day and only trots out his super powers as needed, but how is either of those personas a match for Lois Lane? Clark Kent needed to step up his game to match her wit and drive, whereas Superman turned her into a silent, dependent victim. This is my own humble opinion after watching the old-school Superman movies one time. But you catch my drift. Either way, they just didn’t fit, and it bugged me.

Healer, though. I appreciated the Superman influences and references, but Jung Hoo and Yeong Shin were more evenly matched, which totally made the series for me. Well, on top of Jung Hoo’s excellent fighting skills and the well-crafted plot. The ONLY thing that drove me nuts was the overly loud BGM (background music.) Let’s talk Healer, shall we?

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