A Poem a Day: First Impressions

A Poem a Day is being sold to us as a slice-of-life drama, with stories of physical therapists and other support staff in a hospital. I think whoever labeled it that way has only seen the first episode. It is clearly a comedy, and I think it would interest people to know that. The show has a kind of dry humor that comes from the personalities of the characters and all their quirks, but in the first episode, they are mostly annoying. It’s not slapsticky and so far we haven’t gotten any poop jokes, although by the second episode someone has holed up in a bathroom stall to cry.

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Drama Showdown: The Flame’s Daughter vs Untouchable Lovers

Now that I am actively adulting with a job, I have a lot less time to just sit back and watch 12 hours of straight drama every day.  Which, sadly, means I have to cut back on how many dramas I simulcast.  Due to the lack of time I sometimes must make the hard decision of cutting a drama I might usually watch…even if it is just filler.  So today I decided to write out the pros and cons on Chinese dramas The Flame’s Daughterand Untouchable Lovers. Come join me as I viciously cut one of them from my simulcasting drama list. Continue reading

Grand Prince: First Impressions & Unfiltered Thoughts

There is finally a sageuk airing!!!! Okay, I may not really like them unless they are heavy on the mystical elements or they’re considered fusion, but I have heard several fans of this genre complaining about their absence. Truth is, I am suffering from a lack of super swoony dramas, so when Kmuse posted stills of Yoon Si Yoon I decided I HAD to check it out. Enrique, rugged and moody? Yes, please! Continue reading