Drama Geek and Kmuse’s Night Out To The Movies: Fabricated City

.;a1a2We at DWASOK have been craving a Ji Chang Wook fix for a while, so Fabricated City being released with subs came at the perfect time.  Come join Drama Geek and myself as we discuss all things Fabricated City and we will let you know if this movie is worthy of the awesomeness that is Ji Chang Wook. Continue reading


The Fangirl’s Movie Review: Just One Smile is Very Alluring


“Feelings are feelings. It’s hard to tell where they’re from, a game or real life” -KO

Many of our readers know what a huge runaway hit the drama Love O2O is.  It was this drama that inspired CLKYTTA & I to check out this new Chinese movie.  For those unaware, Just One Smile is Very Alluring is the Movie adaptation that was released at the same time as the drama.  Wondering which was better?  Come find out as we do yet another Fangirl Movie Review!

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Drama Geek & Kmuse’s Night Out To The Movies: The Himalayas


I am so excited to start our new segment!  It just so happens that Drama Geek and I live in the same town.  A town that recently has seen a huge increase on Asian films showing at our local theater.  So what better excuse do we need for going to see said films, then for our blog? So please join us with our first ever “Drama Geek and Kmuse’s Night Out to The Movies” review as we discuss the Korean film The Himalayas. Continue reading