Upcoming Japanese Movies Gintama & Fullmetal Alchemist Bring Manga to Life In New Teasers

I might be having a bit of a fangirl meltdown as I realize that two of my all time favorite Manga/Anime are being made into live action movies.  Now if I can only pray them into the Portland theaters so I can watch them on the big screen life would be perfect.  But even if I have to wait for them to be available online I am still in full fangirl mode.  Continue reading


Remake of Kimi Wa Petto (You’re My Pet) Releases Trailer


I am so surprised it has taken this long for a remake to come out fpr popular story Kimi Wa Petto (I refuse to count the horrible Korean Movie that attempted and failed to match the drama version.)  This fangirl is all in as they attempt to create the magical chemistry that made the original one of my all time favorite Jdramas.  Because who doesn’t love a story about an older woman keeping a hottie as a pet? Continue reading

Ouroboros Episode 2 – The Wrong Path Taken


We had great progress this episode as we watched our two dragons fight against society’s concepts of forgiveness and what it means to stay on the right path.  Especially when the right path seems to be littered with those killed or hurt by  society’s worst scum.  It makes our anti-heroes question their vigilante motivation and makes us viewers wonder if our leads are really heroes, or only more of society’s drudges.  We also get some very appreciated fan service, via a bath house scene, which helps a lot in distracting us from the fact that we are rooting for murderers. Continue reading

Kmuse’s Musings: Romantic Japanese Drama Edition


I have been sucked into multiple Jdramas lately.  Mostly because I see promotions for them on various sites and can’t help but click the link to read the synopsis.  Next thing I know I am down yet another drama rabbit hole.  It just so happens that a bunch of these dramas happens to be Japanese this month.  Hence I decided to do a pros and cons list of several dramas so you can decide if you want to check them out. Continue reading