Podcast #12: Traveling through time drama style

We are chatting about one of our all-time favorite drama tropes!  Come join us as we discuss all the time travel dramas we have watched, how time travel affects the story, and best way to experience time travel.  Also, how time traveling via baby brain fetus is not one of the top ways to time travel . . . because that is just crazy.

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Podcast Episode 4 – Yoo Seung Ho + Chae Soo Bin = Drama OTP Gold

Welcome to the new year, and to our first mini podcast where the fangirls try to focus in on one subject and keep things short and to the point… emphasis on try. For our first go, we decided to focus in on our current favorite romantic comedy I am Not a Robot, and its crackling OTP. Come joins us as we talk post military black tank tops, and blind spots big enough to fall in love with a robot.

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