The Great Seducer’s Teaser Lives Up to its Name!

I have been waiting for Woo Do Hwan to grace my screen again. He commanded the spotlight in Save Me and had so much on-screen sizzle in Mad Dog. Finally, it looks like he might create a burning inferno in this next show, The Great Seducer. Continue reading


Laughter in Waikiki 2nd teaser leaves us giggling in delight.

It is rare that a drama will use it’s actual footage in a teaser and have me laughing in my chair as I watch.  More often than not a show will create funny teasers but not of the actual drama so when I go to watch, expecting it to be funny, I end up instead with angst and often a serial killer.  I think we can safely assume Laughter in Waikiki will be serial killer free. Continue reading