14 Days of Kpop – Man’s Search for Meaning in BTS Lyrics

Did you know that in years gone by, music was widely considered an intellectual pursuit? Music was meant to edify; to challenge you; to make you think. Artists wrote poetry set to music. They would strive to inspire their audiences with the beauty of their words.

Sometimes I wonder why I spend the lonely nights) dreamin’ of a song. The melody haunts my reverie and I am once again with you, (When our love was new) and each kiss an inspiration. Oh, but that was long ago, and now my consolation is in the stardust of a song.

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Jen and Karie’s Delightful Repartee: The Moon Embracing the Sun

Karie the Maknae: So Kdrama Jen said I should watch a thing. I trusted her and watched the thing. And now we will banter about it while she makes my head spin with all the Korean names.

Kdrama Jen: Hey, I am simply trying to educate our Maknae.  It’s not my fault they happened to cast both Kim So Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun in the same drama.  But, seriously.  What did you think?  Moon Embracing the Sun is an absolute must-watch because you get to see so many of the current big name stars when they were just young foals galloping around dramaland.  

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14 Days of KPOP: Top 10 Iconic Male Kpop Group MVs

So when we started throwing around the idea of a kpop series of posts, I was conflicted about what I wanted to write about. There are so many great groups that could use a Fangirl Stalking. Not to mention, all the ones that I feel don’t get enough love and attention. Instead, I decided to do what I do best and share some classic MVs that I consider to be iconic. Hopefully, this will convince my readers to try some of their other music and create some new fans. So, in no specific order, I give to you my favorite, and what I consider iconic, Male Kpop MVs. Continue reading

Jeju Dramas on Location

Have you dreamed of aimlessly wandering through Jeju tangerine groves or visiting the Seaes Resort (featured in Boys Over Flowers)?  Did Warm and Cozy make you want to visit Jeju (even if it was just to beat some sense into that arrogant boy)?  If so, then now is your chance!  Kdrama Jen would like to invite you along.  Please comment with your favorite Jeju drama locations and Kdrama Jen (and maybe Jennie Bennett too) will visit them for you!  We even have a fun contest in mind, so be sure to comment for your chance to live vicariously and maybe even win something!  

Negative Side Effects of Kdramas

korean-drama-addictYes, I am 100% a kdrama addict. I watch them, obsess about the actors and actresses, blog about them, even dream about them. You get the picture. But it doesn’t mean I don’t see through the rosy glasses I wore when I first started watching. Just like American TV, Kdramas have their flaws but we love them anyway. Today’s blog is not really about those flaws in general, it’s more about a certain mental side effect I found myself having. It made me wonder if anyone else suffers from it as well. Continue reading

Suspicious Partner 37 & 38

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 7.56.52 PM

Hello there show that I fell in love with! Plot twists! A bad guy that makes me shiver! Oh so yummy kisses! (These two need an award for most believably natural yet still steamy kisses). We are winding down and just when you thought the rest of the show would be filled with fluff they make sure we remember that even though a criminal is arrested doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton of work to be done to convict him of the everything he is guilty of. Especially when he have amnesia that equals possible mental instability. Continue reading