Nam Goong Min & Hwang Jung-Eum’s chemistry shines through in The Undatables 1st Teaser

Nam Goong Min & Hwang Jung-Eum are two actors that are very hit and miss – at least for my personal tastes. So imagine my surprise when I watched the 1st teaser and realized their energy meshes really well. Continue reading


Investigation Couple (Partners for Justice) releases 1st teaser

I’ll be honest here.  There is very little chance that I will be adding this drama to my simulcast schedule.  I just don’t have much interest in the leads.  Nor the stomach to watch the dissections if the teaser is any indication.  But that doesn’t mean this might not be a great drama for you.  So check out the first teaser and tell me what you think.  Will this be a YAY or NAY for you? Continue reading