The Maknae Recommends: A Spoiler-free Review of Switch

There was something comfortable about watching Switch. It felt a little like coming home, which is odd to say about a drama that was full of twists. I reminded me, forcibly, of USA Network’s White Collar and TNT’s Leverage. All three shows drew me in because of the characters with contrasting moral codes, the unexpected plots, and the likable ensembles.

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Live Episode 1 Recap: Overcoming Life’s Trials

The Asian police drama trauma of Kmuse.  I am telling you that this is a real thing.  So often I will go into a show and be driven batty by stupid/unrealistic cops who do stupid/unrealistic things.  So when we were discussing what drama to recap next I was slightly hesitant about picking a show which is focused solely on the police.  But, it turns out that this drama is more about surviving and overcoming obstacles, which I am totally into.  So join me as I recap the first episode of what is hopefully to be a wonderful and enriching drama experience. Continue reading

A Poem a Day, Episodes 15-16 Recap

We have come to the end of our story. Our sweet little comedy has turned into a look at a variety of personalities with problems that many of us have. There are tough times for everyone, but each episode has light and fun moments. Most of our characters have learned and improved, but not all of their problems have been solved. Bo Young in particular has gained a lot of confidence and is not the same girl who used to let herself get pushed around. Come see how everyone is doing! THERE ARE SPOILERS!

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First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Partners for Justice

I predict that Investigation Couple/Partners for Justice will be one of those polarizing dramas that people will either love or hate. Come see what Kmuse and Karie the Maknae have to say about the first 4 episodes (but not really 4 episodes, because they’re the one-episode-split-into-two format that’s trendy right now. This doesn’t bug me. Not at all. I have no idea why you would think that.)

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The battle of the rom-com teasers!

Have you been feeling that your drama schedule has included a lot of murders and mystery lately?  Are you itching for a nice old fashioned rom-com?  If so, we have two possible kdrama contenders getting ready to air.  Come join us for this week’s rom-com teasers and choose which one is going to be your upcoming romantic addiction. Continue reading