Memory Lost Episodes 10-12

The killer known as T has an intricate plan in place, and it’s one that involves our OTP (one true pairing) actively participating.  Will they be able to discover the identity of the killer before he kills one of them?  Come join Kmuse & Drama Geek as they share their Top 5 moments. Continue reading


Memory Lost: Episode 1-3

It took us a bit, but Kmuse and I finally found another Chinese drama to recap together. It’s funny because Kmuse liked one and I watched it and wanted to tear my hair out because of the cheese. Then I liked a different one and she thought the lead guy wasn’t attractive at all. The problem with recapping most Chinese dramas is they’re so dang long. It’s too much of a commitment for this working girl. But we happily landed on Memory Lost. It aired in 2016 and this last week Dramafever started putting up one episode every weekday. They originally aired three seasons, twelve episode each,  for a total of thirty-six episodes. Continue reading