What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim 4th Teaser — Watch Those Hands!

HAHAHAHA! I crack myself up. Those shots look like they’re from a very romantic melodrama, but that’s just good editing on my part . . . and a very obliging new trailer. Check it out after the jump and see how What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim DEFINITELY looks like a comedy.

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Hwarang’s 2nd Teaser Finally Catches My Attention

Now this is what Hwarang should have been popping out in it’s teasers from the start.  Forget trying to create some epic historical full of angst and politicking, all while our leads are stuck wearing buy in bulk wigs…..Sorry, that was never going to really fly for this viewer.  I demand bromantic fighting and a huffy historic version of a principal trying to keep them in line instead.  That is a drama I can get behind. Continue reading