A Poem a Day Episodes 13-14, Recap

This is really an ensemble show in that every week different characters are highlighted. Last week Yoon Joo had an important storyline, but she doesn’t do much this week. The radiology guys have an interesting story one episode and not the next, and we get more about the Chief in one episode and Dr. Park in another. Not much happens with the main couple, and we still don’t really know much about Dr. Ye, but Min Ho regresses badly to fifth-grader status this week. THERE ARE SPOILERS

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A Poem A Day, Episodes 11-12 Recap

We have three love affairs going on in these episodes. There is the main triangle of Bo Young, Min Ho, and Dr. Ye, as well as a new triangle with Yoon Joo, Dae Bang, and his hospital roommate; and then there is Nam Woo and a girl he knows from school. The first gets some resolution here, the second is the most entertaining, and the third is perhaps the most touching. Come along with us to see what happens! THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.

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A Poem a Day, Episode 5-6 Recap

This really is an ensemble show with several interweaving storylines, and we find out a lot about our characters’ backgrounds in these episodes. We meet the families of Bo Young, Min Ho, and radiologist Joo Yong. We also find out about a past connection between roommate Yoon Joo and radiologist Dae Bang, as well as something about what happened to Dr. Ye at his previous hospital. Through it all the silly side of our characters keeps the thought-provoking side from becoming too heavy. I won’t tell you everything that happens, but WE WILL HAVE SPOILERS FOR THESE TWO EPISODES.

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A Poem a Day, Episode 3-4

I keep thinking about this drama. I have gotten interested in how the poems fit into the story. Even though some of the people are rude, even though some of them are crazy, the poems bring them together in an endearing way.  By this time we are starting to expect our characters’ annoying behaviors, and sometimes getting surprised with them. I’d like to talk mostly about the high points, which means THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.

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Prison Playbook Episode 16: Lasting Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts

I wanted a happily ever after for each character in Prison Playbook. I imagined a joyful reunion at the end where everyone, including Doctor Ko, would be waving from the stands as Je Hyeok pitched a perfect game. That would have been a storybook ending, but this show has proven again and again that providing perfect closure and resolution all around is not what it is designed to do. It just would not feel genuine. Read on to hear my last impressions and unfiltered thoughts… Continue reading

Prison Playbook: Episode 13

I can’t believe that we are on the last of my recaps.  It feels like just yesterday that I was talking about Je-Hyeok’s trial and his first experiences in prison.  And here we are… many months later (in drama time) and I feel as if I am describing an old and valued friend.  There will be more recaps of course, but this will be the last I will be penning.  So join me as I discuss the changes among the inmates in Episode 13. Continue reading

Prison Playbook: Episode 11

Being in prison isn’t as fun as this show has made it seem the last few episodes. But today we get real when it comes to being locked up with criminals. With the loss of Dr. Ko (I’m still in mourning about that development) there is an empty spot in the cell and some genius decides to transfer Crony in there. Yes, the guy who stabbed Je Hyeok in the shoulder and almost ruined his baseball career.  Continue reading