4 Reasons to Check out Cdrama When a Snail Falls In Love (Spoiler Free)

2a87I have been waiting to watch When a Snail Falls in Love for, what seems like, forever.  Not only am I a Wang Kai fan, but I really enjoy this author’s complicated mysteries. But does the show actually deliver on my expectations?  Come join me as I take a look at the reasons you should give this drama a look-see. Continue reading


6 Reasons You Should Be Watching “Nirvana In Fire” (Spoiler Free)

a4Since I am stuck waiting for the next episode to be subbed, I was inspired to help spread the “Nirvana of Fire” love.  It is one of those dramas that everyone should be watching so we can all fangirl together.  So check out my 6 reasons as to why you should give this show a try, then quickly go click on episode 1 and join me in my obsession.  We fangirls have to stick together after all. Continue reading