The Fangirl’s Favorite Kpop of 2017

We are going to switch things up a bit and look at the other half of the Korean entertainment world…..namely KPOP.  So join The Fangirls as we share our favorite MV’s from 2017. Continue reading


14 Days of K-Pop: Wanna One – A New Group for a New Generation

There is something about being an early fan that connects you to an idol group with a sense of loyalty that is enduring. I have seen this with my friends who are Big Bang fangirls. I wasn’t into K-pop ten years ago, so I didn’t see the evolution of Big Bang’s music and I don’t have memories of that early excitement when they were first discovering their sound. I have that with BTS, so I understand the phenomenon. I wasn’t an early fan, but as soon as I was introduced to them, I went back and watched every Bangtan Bomb and even the super awkward “Hustle Life.” Continue reading