Chinese Drama Review: Reset

Let’s talk about the Chinese drama Reset, which grabbed our minds and our eyeballs and would NOT let go! This tightly woven story deserves all the attention. I mean, we talked about it in a podcast, but that isn’t enough; we have thoughts! So why did we like it so much?

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First Impression: Woori the Virgin

Anyone ready for Korea’s version of telenovela-style writing? The American show Jane the Virgin is loosely based on a Venezuelan telenovela and now we have the Korean remake, Woori the Virgin. I’m happy to report they’ve kept some of the best elements of the American version, and tailored it to the Korean audience just enough that any Kdrama watcher can get onboard with the makjang and have a good time.

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Kmuse’s Book Reviews (May 17, 2022)

This week I have recommendations ranging from Jinn and a Prince wandering the desert and searching for adventure to a romance writer becoming an accidental assassin for hire, and a Covid homebound millennial discovers the gentleman in the building across from her is a possible serial killer. Add in a newly discovered webtoon and there is a little bit of something for everyone. Come join me as I share all my favorite reads of the week!

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Podcast #162 – A Kdrama Review: Business Proposal

So many feelings and thoughts about the recently finished romantic comedy Business Proposal and we are prepared to share them all with you. Come find out why The Fangirls are split on their feelings about the Business Proposal and if their friendship can overcome this tragedy.

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