Jopping along with SuperM: An Album Chatty Review

What happens when you have a few loose idols kicking around the entertainment company? If you’re SM, you throw them into a super group and watch the views and the money roll in. Come see what the Fangirls thought of SuperM’s first album!

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Top 5 Kpop MVs: Speak Indie to Me

Slapping an “indie” label on a band isn’t easy, in my mind. Indie music has evolved to have a certain sound and setup — it isn’t just music produced by musicians who are independent of the big labels anymore.

My definition of indie has come to mean a band whose focus is on the vocals and the instruments they play — they aren’t necessarily worried about their visual concept and dancing is very, VERY low on their priority list!

Come enjoy some indie music with me and see if you agree . . . .

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