A Fresh Start

242771_10150205661719222_7077197_oHello everyone,Many of you know about the problems we were having with the DMCA on our last blog “The Crazy Ahjummas”.  While we were not doing anything illegal, we got caught up in various robot searches and kept getting all of our stuff taken down.  Which is, needless to say, a little disheartening.  So rather than switch to another blog location with the same name, we decided to just start fresh with a new name.  Also, some friends who want to fangirl blog themselves, will be helping out.  Because sometimes a girl just needs a change.


We will continue to bring you all the latest kdrama information with some brand new opinions, more recaps and reviews, and all the humor we hopefully brought you before.  We will continue to use the same pages for our Facebook and Twitter, but the blog will now be titled “Dramas With a Side of Kimchi”.  I hope you will push the follow button so you don’t miss a second of the latest drama news.


The Crazy Ahjummas

0 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

  1. The new site is beautiful! 😆 Hwaighting! It stinks that the previous blog was plagued by so many issues. That would make it hard to remain motivated. I’m super happy to see you around again and I’m looking forward to reading here again!

  2. Aw, yes, you’re back!!! (long-time reader, first-time commenter) I missed your hilarious and unique recaps. Good luck with this one!

  3. Wow & congratdulations! This new site is gorgeous! Thanks for all your hard work. Although I don’t comment much,your TCA site led me to a lot of great dramas and your takes on the episodes were so right on and often amusing. : ) I’m bookmarking you so I can keep getting your fabulous POV! Much success with this site.

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