Drama Banchan: Dramathoning Like A Fangirl

collage3Hey all!  We are here with our new segment where we are taking a little time to chat about all the dramas we are watching.  And since we are just taking a small glimpse into those dramas, we thought that “Drama Banchan” is the perfect name.  So come join us as we chat about what we are dramathoning.BANCHAN

quot-The-Village-Achiara-Secret-quotDefinition: The little side dishes that come out at every Korean restaurant are called mit banchan which make the foundation for every meal.

Also, give a warm welcome to some new faces who will be joining us on this new adventure. We are excited to see their future ideas and thoughts that they will share about everything drama. Be sure to check out their author pages.  Now that all the introductions are over, lets jump right into the important part!  Fangirling over dramas.

Nirvana In Fire

a4KMUSE: I can’t even explain how addicted to this drama i am (all my twitter peeps out there are totally aware, since they have to read multiple tweets a day extolling the awesomeness of this drama).  The intrigue, the costuming, the sexy jawlines of pretty much 90% of the men.  The only thing that is missing is possibly the shirtless scenes that kdramas are famous for. 

collageKMUSE: This is pretty much a revenge story.  Main guy is declared dead 12 years earlier and used as a scapegoat for a horrible military defeat.  He lays low and becomes a famous strategist under an assumed name and returns (looking totally different………they don’t say why, other than due to hardships) to help the succession for the next king.  He supports his childhood bestie (ACK THE BROMANCE!) to gain the throne over his half brothers who had screwed over the lead during the war.  Add in a small dose of doomed romance and a lot of intrigue and you have a “must watch” Chinese drama.

Kiss Me

a8KMUSE: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  OH MY GOSH IT IS FINALLY HAPPENING!  Mike and Aom are back on my screen and it is all that I could have wished for.  Even a story that I tend to not enjoy (and yet I watch every version) can’t keep their chemistry from leaping off the screen.  Of course, it helps that the writer has tweaked the story just enough to make the leading man actually likable (something that did not happen in almost all the other versions).  I’m sorry, but cold jerk who can kiss in the rain, is not my favorite leading man.

a9a10This time around the leading man has a reason for his sudden frosty behavior.  Let me set the scene.  Boy meets charming girl who loves cats.  Boy is charmed and even switches to the “dumb” class to be near girl.  Boy learns girls name and realizes that she rejected him when they were five.  Insert chilly and immature jerk behavior.  BWAHAHA.  Sure I realize that to hold a grudge from one’s early childhood is totally stupid.  But what can you say? The guy had it bad for her even then (as indicated by the matching dress he wore in order to woo her cute 5 year old self).

If you need a tiny bit of a push to start this drama, check out this OST video.  WARNING: It does contain a few scenes from the drama, but nothing other than our OTP (One True Pairing) being romantic.

CLKYTTA: When Kmuse started sending out smoke signals that this was coming, I was immediately interested.  I love the little changes that make this guy so much more human. He actually is interested in her, and I think that is going to make me fall in love with this story more than the others. The air between our leads crackles with awareness, and you can actually believe these two will fall in love.  This story really never gets old for me, so I’m ready to sit down with my popcorn and iced tea and watch the sparks fly!

I Have A Lover

a6KMUSE: I am strangely invested in this drama. I know!  Totally odd since I try to avoid cheating plot lines like the plague. You might be asking why I keep watching?  The answer is simple.  I really really really want to see karma give the 2nd lead, homewrecking, hussy, a swift kick in the butt.  I know it is coming and even going through 50 episodes of amnesia, family infighting, makjang is worth it to see her get what’s coming to her.

Six Flying Dragons

a7KMUSE: I am LOVING the pacing of this drama.  Each episode we have discovered the back story of a new “dragon”, or main character.  And with every “dragon” we also learn more about our leading man and future king.  You know….. the type of life experiences that made him into the dictatoresque, strong, warrior king he became.   We are still in the children story (Ep1-3) so he is still wide eyed, idealistic, and scary as all get out.

a21 I am so excited to get to the adult actors (Ep 4).  I love this show and so far the casting and writing has been spot on.  Would highly suggest this drama for the Saguek lovers out there.

Sassy Go Go

a5KMUSE: This drama is what I wish all high school dramas were like.  A bunch of teenage issues, infused with a big dose of fun and romance.  Sure I enjoyed School 2015, Angry Mom, and High School Love On.  But at some point I just feel depressed for all students and wonder how they manage to get through the hellhole that is the Korean school system.  And it is not like this drama doesn’t have those same depressing themes.  They do however, allow there to be an alternate and show that every student is not just a cookie cutter copy of the next. 

TURTLE MAKNAE: Not going to lie, I love this one. It’s got the right amount of teenage angst (you know, how much a normal teen is) and isn’t over the top with it like some drama’s (looking at you Heirs & BoF). I love how much of a jerk the main lead guy is but……omg it just donned on me this is pride and prejudice. Back to my thought, He’s such a jerk and the main lead lady knows it and he knows it and honestly I think it’s a front. He is so awesome to his friend and has these little slips of kindness that I can’t seem to think that he’s completely a terrible person. Also I freaking love the main leading lady’s mom.

a12JENNIE: Can we talk about the chemistry for a minute? All she has to do is be next to the guy and there are fireworks going off. Not gonna lie, I hope this drama has lots of kissing. And Lee Won Geun? Holy moley. Only four episodes in and somehow he’s managed to make it to my top ten biases . It’s not fair for anyone to be that charming, even if (as Tori said) the character is stuck up. He’s conceited in such a good way though, and totally self-sacrificing for his friend. Romance, Bromance, and awesome dancing–even if this drama goes downhill it will be a winner in my book (**Looking at you Monstar**) Although my fingers are still crossed for a happy ending.

TURTLE MAKNAE: I loved Monstar! Back to topic, Serious Chemisty, like Jennie said. I wonder if all of Jung EunJi’s roles are like this, I mean she had great chemistry in Reply 1997. Also their eye smiles will be the death of me. I’m excited about this show! I believe it will go well!

KMUSE: If you want to see some more Lee Won Geun awesomeness, check out the drama “Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup”.  He plays the younger version (1st 10 episodes or so) and is phenomenal.  Later it goes into less talented leads, so feel free to stop at the kids part and in your brain, put the leads together and say “Happily Every After”.  Totally worth the watch.

a11CLKYTTA: I am already invested in these characters. I love the chemistry between the leads, but the bromance is what really gets me.  I’m a sucker for someone who has that kind of loyalty.  I’m not normally a fan of school dramas (I did like Monstar though), but this one has sucked me in.  It’s moving at a good pace, but I think they are going to clog things up with the parent’s story.  I like a good villain, and Heartless Mom makes a good villain. I’m curious to see if she will show any kind of maternal softening at all.  I highly doubt it. I was amused by her little jig and comment that the moms were going to do a performance too.

Noble My Love

a13JENNIE: This drama. *sigh* I LOVED this drama. The bite sized episodes were perfect for a day home sick in bed. The entire show can be watched in five hours. (Admit it, you’ve watched a lot more than that in a day before) And it’s full of so many good moments. Here’s the thing about this drama: it’s reminiscent of what got me first watching Kdramas. You have a mean rich guy, and an innocent clueless heroine. She’s given her life to helping animals, and he’s…well…he’s hot. This drama isn’t for everyone. The main guy is pushy and arrogant, and the girl is far from a modern feminist, but it was so Boys Over Flowers that I couldn’t help but squeal every time he (misguidedly) changed her life. If you’re looking for something quick that’s 100% fluff, then this is the drama for you.

CLKYTTA: I’m with you on this one Jennie.  I really liked this drama.  I’m a huge Jane Austen fan, so the whole conceited, controlling jerk of a hero is nothing to ruffle my feathers.  He is controlling, and he crosses the line a couple of times, but it’s more to test her to see if she will stay.  She’s very easy going and adaptable. It may seem like she’s being railroaded, but if you are really paying attention, she’s guiding him as much as he’s trying to dictate to her.  She is far from the modern feminist, but she’s not a pushover.  I felt like the characters complimented each other and it was a really fun, fluffy drama.


KMUSE: ABS!!!! YUMMY DELICIOUS ABS!  They totally had me at the ab “hallelujah” part.  I also don’t seem to mind the neanderthal Korean male personality as much as some people do.  This drama totally stalker wrist grabbed its way into my heart.

She Was Pretty

a15JENNIE: No one throw Kimchi at me, but I wasn’t a big fan of Kill Me, Heal Me. *Ducks* I know, I know. Everyone was raving about it, and I love Park Soo Joon so I gave it a shot. I watched the whole thing trying really hard to like it. Really, really hard. But I could not handle Hwang Jung Eum trying to be cute and silly, and her voice bothers me. Don’t ask me why. There were a lot of good moments in KMHM, but ultimately, I was left feeling MEH about the whole thing. So why on earth am I torturing myself with She Was Pretty? Well, originally it was for Park Soo Joon (again. I need to get over him) but then I soon hated his character and clung fast to Siwon. Honestly? At this point I’ll fast forward through the plot and just enjoy the Siwon moments. Why can’t we have a show about him being a derp? That’s a drama I’d watch religiously.

CLKYTTA: I think we might be drama twins, Jennie.  I am not a fan of Hwang Jung Eum, I don’t really think she can act, everything she does is so forced. Plus her facial expressions distract me from what is going on.  I have tried to watch this drama twice, and I’m just not feeling it.  I WANT to like it, Siwon is the selling point for me.  Every scene I’ve seen him in is pure gold, but I don’t have the patience to fast forward to his parts.  So I’ll just skim through the recaps on this one and maybe when it’s done I’ll try again.

a16KMUSE: I don’t dislike Hwang Jung Eum, I just realize that she is not everyone’s cup of tea.  Yes, she tends to have a very distinctive acting style.  Thankfully, it is not a drama killer for me, since I have really liked several of her dramas (more for her male leads, but still…).  As for “She Was Pretty”, the drama entertains me immensely.  Of course I notice the awkward transitions on the character’s development. But since I don’t have to recap this one, I am fine with letting it go.  Is this ever going to be a #1 must watch for me?  No.  But for a fun entertaining 16 hours I can sit through some rough patches.  Not to mention Siwon is adorable and Park Soo Joon is deliciously hot which carries a lot of weight on my like-a-meter.

a17Thanks for joining us for our first “Drama Banchan”.  We hope that your are inspired to check out some new dramas.  If you have any questions about any other on air dramas feel free to ask in the comments.  There is a good chance that one of us are watching it.

Til next time,

The Fangirls

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