A Side of KDrama Gossip – October 2015

collageSo many things have happened during my small blogging break.  A whole show was scrapped and reemerged like a phoenix on a different station (Goodbye Mr Black).  My #2 bias accepted one drama role and is considering a 2nd that will air before the end of 2015!  Things have been happening people!  So in case you missed any little tidbit of casting gossip, or the latest kdrama stills.  Here it is all compiled in one nice neat post.

Casting News

Yoo Seung Ho

a32KMUSE: A week ago my #2 bias (he can officially be one now that he is legal) accepted the offer to be the lead in the cable drama “Imaginary Cat”. It is about a man who really, really loves his cat and goes through life having a one way conversation with so said fluffy BFF.  Usually I would say “meh” but for Yoo Seung Ho I will totally watch 8 hours of a man bonding with his cat.a32

KMUSE: So imagine my surprise when it is less than a week later that it is rumored that Yoo Seung Ho is “Seriously Considering” taking the lead in the upcoming lawyer suspense drama “Remember”.  “Remember” is about a man who has a glitch in his brain known technically as hyperthymesia.  This means that our lead will remember everything he ever sees or experiences leading to mental overload.  From what I hear there will also be amnesia involved, and I am sure there will be some romance chucked in for good measure.  “Remember” is set to air after “The Village” so I am sure we will get confirmed casting news soon.

CLKYTTA: Sign me up for both of them! A nice fluffy (see what I did there!) drama, and a more intense drama, he’s back from the military with a bang!

JenKaddict: I’m on board for both of these dramas. I can see Yoo Seung-ho talking to a cat both adorable and totally quirky. 

Madame Antoine

Looks like we will be getting another drama about the romance (and possible ethical issues) of Korean psychiatrists.  There is no guarantee that it will be a patient/doctor issue, but that seems to be the theme in this last year.  The drama will be penned by the writer of “Mirae’s Choice” and “King 2 Heart”.  One I loved, and one I wish had never been written, so kind of conflicted.

a32KMUSE: Sung Joon (High Society) & Han Ye-seul (Birth of a Beauty) are the rumored contenders for the lead role.  I am just going to state right off the bat, that I am not really feeling this pairing.  I love him, but she is a hit and miss actress for me and seems a bit brittle in her acting style.  Something that doesn’t mesh with his more stoic style.  But who knows.  Maybe it is just magic waiting to happen.

a20CLKYTTA: I love Sung Joon, I’d be OK watching him read a cereal box.  That said, I had a really hard time getting into his last drama.  I’m going to be on the wait and see bench for this one.

JenKaddict: I’m very sad to say, but I’m a little wary of Sung Joon’s dramas lately. I haven’t made it past the first few episodes of his last 3 and this pairing seems off. I’ll have to wait and see who is picked for the rest of the cast.

Stills & Posters For Upcoming Dramas

Oh My Venus (Airs November 16th)

I know there are a ton of people looking forward to this pairing.  And with only a month to go before its premier, we should be getting promotional material, hot hand heavy from now on.  The first, as usual, is the all important script reading photos.


This drama will tell the story of a personal trainer (So Ji Sub) who will be helping the overweight (Shin Min A) lose weight and become a better/and more emotional stable person.  This drama will air after “Cheer Up” completes its run.

a5JenKaddict: Shin Min-a is probably my ultimate Korean girl bias, so I’m all over this one. And Ji-sub has had my heart since Master’s Sun. This pairing has already proved they have sizzling chemistry in the CF’s so I can’t wait to see them together.

KMUSE: I like both of these actors and am interested in how they are going to do the emotional aspect of being overweight in a culture that is obsessed with beauty. 

Moorim School (Airs January 2016)

When the script reading photos came out for this drama, I was a bit nervous over the very blond Lee Hyun Woo, but after seeing the official stills, I am on board.


A drama about a unique school that focuses on more than academics.  Through unique training, the school teaches its students virtues including honesty, faith, sacrifice and communication.

a17 a19 a18JenKaddict: I love martial arts stuff and have been dying for Lee Hyun Woo to get a lead role. This one sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

“Neighborhood Hero” (Early 2016)

KMUSE: I am a sucker for a sexy shower scene picture.  Obviously the PR people of upcoming drama “Neighborhood Hero” know this.

An ex-secret agent, who bears a painful history from the past, gets to know a young man, who makes a living working as an employee on temporary contract. The ex-agent trains the young man to turn him into a secret agent in order to fight against evil.

a2a4“Answer Me 1988” Park Bo Gum

SQUEEE!  So excited to see his first stills.  Still riding high on my love of this actors after “I Remember You”.

a1 a2 a3JenKaddict: The Answer Me series is one of my favorite. They really know how to take young stars and get the most out of their acting. I’m happy the writer’s promised they won’t do the guess the husband game. That got out of control for 1994. Chilbongie fans are still off somewhere crying. (Me included, though I loved Trash Oppa, too) I admit I don’t know if Park Bo-Gum is the lead, but if he’s not, I will have serious second-lead syndrome. Let the bowl cuts and acid wash jeans come forth!

KMUSE: I am already preparing myself for 2nd lead syndrome.  Thankfully the writers always have a lot of humor to help detract from my pain.

“Joseon Magician” (December 2015 Release)


A Princess (Go Ara) in the Joseon dynesty travels to the Qing dynasty to marry.  Along the way she meets a young magician (Yoo Seung Ho) and falls in love.

The movie released something they called a “Stop Motion Movie Poster”.  All I know is that I get to stare at one of the hottest actors out there in all his mane of glory hotness.

So much great stuff and so many dramas to look forward to.  Be sure to continue to follow us for all the latest kdrama gossip and information.  We look forward to sharing it with you.

Til Next Time,

The Fangirls.

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