“Imaginary Cat” and Yoo Seung Ho Finds A Leading Lady

s2According to the rumor mill, new actress Cho Hae Jung (currently in “Because it’s the First Time”), will be our cat loving, leading lady in upcoming drama “Imaginary Cat”. a32This is the same drama that snagged Yoo Seung Ho as its leading man.  His character will be a part-time bookstore employee (I wish someone who looked like this was at my local bookstore……..hubba, hubba.) and webtoonist who has a close relationship with his cat.  Hae Jung will play a cat lover whose cat died when she is young and created a lasting trauma.  Through each other and the cat they learn to become better people and fall in love.  Not the most entertaining plot line, but for an 8 episode run I think it should be fine.

“Imaginary Cat” begins airing in November.

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