Can You Ever Have Enough Yoo Seung Ho? “Imaginary Cat” Trailers, Stills, & Casting News!

collage1ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!  How much Yoo Seung Ho news can my heart take in one day?  Obviously the kdrama gods are testing me since not only do we get stills from his new movie “Joseon Magician” and two (count them TWO) leading lady castings confirmed. But we also get the adorable first teaser for his November drama “Imaginary Cat”.  I don’t think it is an exaggeration when I say that everything is coming up Yoo Seung Ho right now.


collage5Let’s start with the newest and work our way back.  Casting news that Yoo Seung Ho accepted the lead role for upcoming lawyer suspense drama “Remember” has officially been confirmed.  Not only that, but his leading lady will be Park Min Young.  She is a hit and miss actress for me, but since I loved her so much in “Healer”, I will just be happy with this casting.

Casting for the female lead of “Imaginary Cat” has also been released today.  I wrote about it in a previous article found here



“Joseon Magician” released stills featuring a magically sexy Yoo Seung Ho romancing his leading lady Go Ara.  I am 100% in love with the feel of this drama and hope that the story line matches the visuals.

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a3And last, but by no means least, we get the first teaser for upcoming drama “Imaginary Cat”.  This is just a short drama (8 episodes) so won’t be taking up much of Yoo Seung Ho’s time.  But that doesn’t mean it is not going to be all kinds of adorable.  Especially if we go by the cute first teaser.


5 thoughts on “Can You Ever Have Enough Yoo Seung Ho? “Imaginary Cat” Trailers, Stills, & Casting News!

  1. OMG!!! That’s it for me REMEMBER with ParkMinYoung … How sweet is it??? My lovely ms Park and the dreamingly handsome The Jade Emperor in a suspense dramas… hope it is at least 20eps. long <3

  2. Two thoughts – 1) “Magically romancing” indeed – I’ve always thought most boys who learn magic do it in a mistaken attempt to impress girls. 2) That cat does not seem happy. The rest is ALL good.

  3. Yoo Seung Ho is back! That’s the only thing that matters to me haha, although If I had to pick one of the two that I’m most excited about, it’d be “Remember”. I just love those darker psychological type of dramas xP and Park Min Young as the main lead is always a + xP I love your blog btw! Keep up the good work! :D

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