TvN Prepares for Its Fall Lineup With More Stills, Posters, & 1st “Bubblegum” Trailer

a2Is it just me or has it felt like forever since the last TvN drama premier.  Sure, I know that “Twenty Again” just finished, but “Reply 1988” doesn’t begin til the first week of November.  How do they think I can wait that long?

It has been months since I had a TvN Monday/Tuesday drama on my queue.  Sadly I dropped “Hidden Identity” half way through its run (SORRY KIM BUM.  I STILL LOVE YOU & YOUR SEXY SMOLDER) and the drama that replaced it, “Rude Miss Young-Ae Season 14” is not being subbed.  Not to mention that this is the 14th season……… that just part of the title or is there actually 14 unsubbed seasons of this drama floating about?

a1So 5 months later i will have to find some way to fit in another drama to my, already stuffed, Monday lineup. But it is cute stills and character posters like this that make me willing to give up another hour of sleep for my drama addiction.

s4 s3SQUEEEEEE!  How adorable is our OTP (one true pairing), both older and younger?  Cuteness level x 100.  We also get a full length trailer full of BFF’s turn romantic besties shenanigans.  “Bubblegum” will air on October 26th.


While “Bubblegum” is getting the most focus (It is premiering first after all) we can’t forget “Reply 1988”  Especially since there is a bevy of discussion on whether this is going to be another shipping war drama.  Will the writers finally give us a straight forward story, devoid of “will they? won’t they?” angst?  I personally am not sure which way I am hoping for.  On one hand, it is tiring always guessing about the romance.  But it is also a lot of fun to make friends who are as fanatic about a certain romance as you are.  #TEAMCHILLBONG4EVER

CRpYEjBUkAAHTGr s1 s2Either way, enjoy these great stills of our 3 leads and pray to the kdrama gods for a show full of humor and happy nostalgia.  “Reply 1988” airs on November 8th.

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