A Kpop Halloween

Pumpkin Spice Kpop? Yes please, let’s make that a thing.

sungjaeIt’s October, which means it’s almost time for my (Jennie’s) favorite holiday, Halloween!! I can’t explain why I like it so much… Oh wait…

shineehalloweenYep, SHINee gets it. Something about dressing up and being a little crazy for a day is right up my alley. Luckily, my obsession with Kpop goes hand in hand with my nutty personality. October? pshhh, Kpop doesn’t need a holiday to get spooky, but it won’t hurt to watch more of my favorite creepy videos this month.

Here are my top three Kpop picks to celebrate the awesomeness of Halloween.

1. Married to the music, SHINee

If you know me, you saw this coming a mile away. How could I call myself a Shawol and not put SHINee first? Besides that, all you have to do is watch this MV once to know it’s the perfect fit for the Halloween season. Although I feel pretty bad about Key losing his head. He’s too pretty for that!

2. VIXX, Hyde

Honestly, I could pick just about any VIXX MV for this slot (and they’re all awesome!!!) but this one is the most Halloween to me, plus it’s the first VIXX MV I watched so I’m a little biased. So, so good.

3. SPEED Jombie Zombie Party

There are so many excellent MV’s that could’ve taken this spot, but Halloween is the best if there are zombies involved. There’s nothing quite like a Kpop Zombie party.

Want more Kpop Halloween? Check out my full playlist, here. Happy listening!

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