A Side of Kdrama Gossip #2

collagehEveryone loves a nice side of gossip, and we have some great stuff this week.  Come join us as we chat Sageuk casting, VIXX’s comeback, and what upcoming shows we are going to check out next.



Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik, and Go Ara are being courted for a new Sageuk, brought to us by the people who did the flower boy dramas.  And if you were wondering what the topic of the show was going to be……..you guessed it……… historical flower boys.

s11KMUSE: This time we are actually in the Shilla Era (think Queen Seon Deok) and will be watching a tale about the Hwarang.  The Hwarang was an elite band of warriors known for their beautiful features and fighting abilities.  And if nothing else Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Sik definitely have beautiful features.  With that said, I am really hoping that this is a shorter sageuk, because when I hear this potential cast I just get a fluffier feel.  Not sure I would want to see them do a serious historical plot.collage2CLKYTTA: I also get a fluffy feel from it, and I’m ok with that.  Historical flower boys, hmmm, so more eye candy and action than plot maybe?



a9The first stills are out for upcoming Sageuk Juggernaut “Saimdang: The Herstory” starring Lee Young Ae and Song Seung Heon.

a133KMUSE: This will be Lee Young Ae‘s drama comeback as Shim Saimdang famous 16th-century Joseon artist, writer, and calligrapher.  There is a ton of buzz about this one because of Lee Young Ae’s previous drama Dae Jang Geum (which I have not seen).  It is considered one of the best classic Saguek’s and TV stations have been trying to woo her back to dramas ever since.  I will be totally honest………I might be skipping this one.  I tend to find the dramas focused on classic artists a bit of a bore.  And I still have PTSD from watching “Dr Jin” & “When a Man Loves” so am not really anxious to see Song Seung Heon  again.  Maybe instead of bothering with this drama I will go old school and check out “Dae jang Geum” instead.


-Oh my Venus

KMUSE: Is it too soon to hope that they don’t try to promote Shin Min Ah as hideous and in deep need of “fixing”?  Maybe they could go the “woman who wants to become a healthier version of herself” without all the body shaming that seems to be coming right and left in dramas lately.

12065544_804622469646590_9079761087707568647_na13KMUSE: Is it just me, or does So Ji Sub look younger in this drama than past works?  Either way, I am really enjoying the vibe he is putting out.  I am also loving the look of our 2nd lead male Jung Gyu Woon .  Maybe it is the testosterone oozing from these stills that is speaking to my heart, but i am looking forward for some he-man style rivalry.


-Sweet, Savage Family-

collage3KMUSE: Posters and a slew of stills are out for upcoming mafia comedy “Sweet, Savage Family”.  The story of a man (Jung Jun-ho) who is the head of a mafia organization, but can’t seem to gain any respect from his wife (Moon Jung-hee) and kids (Minah  & Lee Minhyuk).  Judging from the teaser (see below) this will be a campy comedy, which makes sense since it is from the same people who brought us the “Marrying the Mafia” movie.

s3 a1 a2 a.2 11143597_911835598903159_7029672307664453346_n

-Imaginary Cat-

KMUSE: SQUEEEEE  Even an instagram photo of Yoo Seung Ho makes me squeal like a teenager.  Can’t wait to see his new drama about a boy and his cat (with maybe a dash of romance……….with another girl……..not his cat), which drops November 24th.

s212118664_953335741379908_1521267504120394253_n 12188898_953335801379902_1988830487473919524_nTRAILERS & TEASERS

-Sweet, Savage Family-

KMUSE: I actually wanted to share this trailer back when it was released but MBC can be really stingy in allowing their teasers on youtube.  So I found a link you can follow to watch the teaser on Hancinema.  I really enjoyed the quirky feel that came across from this teaser.  Not to mention I am a big fan of both serious and humorous mafia shows so either way it is a win win.




KMUSE: Lee Min Ho is making a Japanese single album and Ji Chang Wook is releasing an album in China.  Hmmm not sure if I am a fan of this acting to singing concept. I tend to like my Hallyu stars acting rather than singing.  I know.  I should be OK with it, but every time I see this type of news, I think in my head “they could be signing up for a new drama I can watch instead.”


-VIXX “Chained Up”-

KMUSE: If you wander into any Kpop focused social media site, you already know that we are in countdown mode for VIXX’s “Chained Up” comeback.  And I am fangirling away as we get new teasers and photos in anticipation of November 10th.  So in case you missed anything, take a quick peak at the photos below.

12108241_1652375988379894_4621908916654402912_n 12118664_953335741379908_1521267504120394253_n  12189677_953335768046572_6281650273599495365_n  12191668_953335834713232_1232439806959722084_n12188898_953335801379902_1988830487473919524_n12191854_953335754713240_1269579466406075657_n 12196286_953335844713231_2498222109812032119_n

12189677_953335768046572_6281650273599495365_n12191668_953335834713232_1232439806959722084_n12196286_953335844713231_2498222109812032119_n 12195855_953335734713242_6559657572429089597_n 12191854_953335754713240_1269579466406075657_n 12191668_953335834713232_1232439806959722084_n 12189677_953335768046572_6281650273599495365_nSadly, that is all for now.   I am sure we will be back soon with all the latest info about our favorite obsession.

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4 thoughts on “A Side of Kdrama Gossip #2

  1. Ji Chang Wook has done musical theatre for years – has a WONDERFUL voice. So he is not doing anything outside his expertise by releasing an album. Lee Min Ho, yep, he is – cause apparently his fans love it. Won’t be getting HIS album – but I WILL most likely get JCW’s. He & Joo Won just can SING! Cause musicals.

    • I don’t have a problem with them singing. I am just selfish and want them to be workaholics only on dramas and not be distracted (my own preference). Has been too long since both of their last shows and they are getting to the military service point.

  2. My Dal Bong and Joonie in one drama!!!! Aaaahhhh! This girl is excited!!!! Hmmm have they served their time yet or are they preparing for it because it seems like they been cast a few times now…not that I’m complaining because I’m absolutely in love with them!

  3. I am watching Oh My Venus, it is so good! First time seeing So Ji Sub & Shin Ma. The pictures above for 2 nd lead are of Sung Hoon, not Jung Gyu Woon. I need to check out dramas with Sung Hoon ,he is hot.

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