3rd Teaser Shows First Interaction of OTP in “Oh My Venus”

collageWe finally see a glimpse of Shin Min Ah’s adult look (before the dieting) and I have to say I am impressed.  So often we just get an over the top fat suit that is OBVIOUSLY fake and it makes it hard to take the character seriously.


In just a teaser, they not only made me believe she was overweight, but they had me feeling sorry for her plight.  I think we can all relate to the discomfort of spanks/corsets and how horrible it would be to have a khottie taking us out of them.  I personally would want to be passed out on the ground as well.


As for our hunky hero, So Ji Sub is sexy as ever.  I especially appreciate all the exercising he has been doing for this drama.  Getting sexy abs while shooting a film is a win win for all us viewers.  “Oh My Venus” is set to air on November 16th.


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  1. It takes hours to make up a character that looks totally different than their usual appearance! All that silicone, cannot feel good!

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