So Ji Sub Plays Fairygodfather in “Oh My Venus” Long Trailer


We are less than a week away from the premier of “Oh My Venus” which means it is time for a long trailer!  And this is one spectacular long trailer.  If anything it has made me more excited than ever to watch this drama.a6I love that it doesn’t seem they are going to have a miracle plastic surgery, fix it all, cure.  Something that really bugged me in several past dramas.  And even more important than working hard to become a better version of herself, she will have a sensitive support system beside her in the form of So Ji Sub and his besties.  It looks like he will actually be a decent guy who truly cares about her welfare.

a5Could it be a rich chaebol who is not a compete self-centered ass?  No plastic surgery miracle (at least judging from the trailer) and no rich jerk?  How are we kaddicts going to survive the shock of it all?


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