New Trailer for “Imaginary Cat” Brings Forth the Cute Furry Fun

a6GACK!!!!  Just when I was done spazzing about the latest Yoo Seung Ho “Remember” stills  we get hit with a new “Imaginary Cat” trailer.  In other words, the fangirl spazzing continues!  You might be wondering what new delights the full minute trailer brings us?  Well let me just tell you …….. in probably more detail than a 60 sec trailer deserves (sorry, can’t stop the YSH fangirl train).

The boy loves his cat!

a4Sure we knew this already from past teasers.  But here we get the full 360 cat loving character that is only one cat shy of Crazy Cat lady hottie status.



There is actually a girl.


Finally we have visual confirmation that there is indeed a female character involved in this drama.  Phew…… I was a bit worried.  Of course the cat to girl scene ratio is about 5 to 1 so who knows how much she will actually be in the show.  Not that that is a bad thing since I could watch Yoo Seung Ho frolicking with his feline for hours.


Yoo Seung Ho is still mega hot!

a3As if this would change ever, but it is nice to have constant confirmation in the form of awesome closeups.  Yum, you got to love those closeups.

“Imaginary Cat” is set to air on November 24th.  Be sure to check back because there is a chance we will be recapping every furry fun moment.



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  1. Omygosh!!!! Gimme that cat!!! Lol. I’m quite a fan of Yoo Seung Ho (spazzing over his role in Warr Baek Dong Soo) so seeing two my favourite creatures will be too great! Is this movie out already?

    • It starts on the 24th. Warrior Baek Dong Soo is the first drama I watched him in as well. I totally crushed on him until I found out he was only 16. Then I patiently contained my fangirling until he became legal and finally he is in a drama when he is not a teenager. Good times for all ;)

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