Yoo Seung Ho Searches for the Truth in “Remember” First Teasers

s4.pngThis month has sped by for me….. which is OK since it means I am closer to the premier of my Yoo Seung Ho dramas.  This week it is “Remember” releasing two new teasers and showing us our sexy tormented lead.I loved that we got such an intense first look.  The need for answers and the time limit comes across loud and clear.  As clear as Yoo Seung Ho’s beautifully troubled gaze.  We also get a glimpse of Park Min Young’s character in both teasers.

s3Sadly, I felt that she came across a bit blah compared to Yoo Seung Ho and Park Seong Woong’s intensity.  I am really hoping that the writers don’t just use Park Min Young as a window trimming and allow her to have a meatier role.  It is those roles (City Hunter & Healer) that she does best while in shows such as “A New Leaf” & “Dr Jin” she becomes desperately forgettable.

s2“Remember” is set to air on December 6th.

TEASERS (both teasers are on the same clip)

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