“Cheese In The Trap”Leads Seek Their Fortune in New Teasers

a3.pngI spent the weekend in children’s sports hell and was MIA all weekend.  So it was with a happy heart that I got on my PC and found not one but two teasers for “Cheese In The Trap” waiting for my perusal. a4.pngThe more I see of the show the more I hope it is a fun romantic comedy.  Sadly, you can never be to sure about the comedy element in TvN dramas anymore since you get funny promos and then end up with a very melo show (thinking of you “Bubblegum”).

a2Regardless of the comedy element, at least there will be some serious cute eye candy in the form of Park Hae jin & Kim Go Eun.  Park Hae Jin is a long time favorite of mine, but Kim Go Eun looks like she is going to be a lot of fun as well.  This will be Kim Go Eun’s first foray into dramas, previously working solely in movies.  “Cheese in The Trap” will premier January 4th.  The perfect gift for drama watchers to start the New Year off right.

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