A Side of Drama Thankfulness

collage.jpgIt’s that time of year again where everyone on social media throws out their lists of what they are thankful for.   Usually, I am too busy  watching dramas and blogging to bother with it.  But this year one of my kbesties, Kdrama Jen, sent me a message that she wanted to do a Drama themed Thanksgiving post and so here we are.

-Thankful for Kbesties-

KMUSE: So just to start the ball rolling, I would like to send a shout out to my kbesties Jen and Angela (along with everyone I connect with on social media & my readers).  Without all of you, the drama experience would be less than it is.  You all complete me (Yup, a cheesy line was just uttered.  You just can’t expect a post of mine to be straight up serious.)


KDRAMA JEN: I just read about a new study that says it can actually improve our health to keep a gratitude journal. So, For my own good I feel the need to give thanks for these Kdrama-related bits of awesomeness:

First, I totally echo that bit of Thanksgiving corn and cheese. It has been a little over a year since my KBesties have entered my life.  You keep me sane, or maybe you share my insanity?  Well, whatever, it makes my heart happy to have people who will not only never judge my choice to give up sleep in exchange for a drama binge, but they will likely be right there with me, commenting along.  Yup.  I am thankful for fine friends who encourage my addictions.    So, onto some other Kdrama gratitude…

-Thankful for Biases-

KMUSE: Let’s give a shout out for Wang Kai’s Jawline (and his acting too)!

w13And while I am talking about my Chinese bias, I might as well do my Asian bias trifecta and be thankful for Japanese actor Oguri Shun who has amazed me with his diverse acting abilities.  And of course, my #1 Seo In Guk who can do no wrong in my book.  Between these three men (who all happen to be workaholics), my drama queue is always filled with a bias.  It pays to love the ones who love to work.


-Thankful for Drama Comebacks-

KDRAMA JEN: Yoo Seung Ho is BACK!!! I felt his absence on my screen while he was away completing his service to his country, and then he returned, but we only saw glimpses of him in photo shoots and commercials. I am thrilled that I get to see him ACT again. Those post-military abs are nice too, though! Speaking of… Song Joong-Ki also finished his service. I am thankful he is back and working, but getting impatient for his new drama that was filmed, at least in part, in Greece.


KMUSE:  I completely 2nd this sentiment.  These are two actors I have really been waiting for.  There has been many a day where Jen and I would just randomly comment about how much we miss Yoo Seung Ho, so I can’t wait to actually watch his new drama so we can chat about that instead!


-Amazing Secondary Actors-

KDRAMA JEN: I am thankful for a couple of new faces on my screen too. Park Bo Gum (I Remember You and Reply 1988) and Ji Soo (Angry Mom and Sassy Go Go) caught my attention this year. Park Bo Gum stole my heart even as a serial killer, so I should have known he would have me smitten when he donned his geeky glasses and wounded expression in Reply 1988. This guy can act! Ji Soo also demands attention with his wounded puppy looks and unrequited loves. I am grateful that it looks like he will soon be in a show where he gets the girl. I don’t think my heart can take another broken-hearted Ji Soo.


KMUSE:  The reason we are kbesties is because our tastes are so similar.  These would also be the two actors that I really enjoy, no matter how small the role.  Ji Soo just tugs at my heartstrings anytime his character is on screen (I really wish there were two girls so each boy could have gotten a romance in “Sassy Go Go”.)  And Park Bo Gum……….my love of his acting style is almost beyond words.  I saw that he is crying for some reason in the next episode of “Answer Me 1988” and my heart physically hurt.  I don’t even know why he is sad, he could have stubbed his toe for all I know, but he gets to me just the same.  These are both actors I really hope we see in lead roles in 2016.  Their talent is being underutilized.


-Chinese Dramas-

KMUSE: It would be impossible to make a list of things (drama related) that I am thankful for and not give a plug for Chinese Dramas.  I don’t know what it is, but China has definitely upped their quality for their shows the last few years.  The plots are simply amazing, the character development is intricate, and the cinematography is gorgeous.   Could not have been happier to travel outside of my Korean bubble to check out some other country’s entertainment.  And a good majority of them had Wang Kai as a supporting actor……. totally perfect.


KDRAMA JEN: I am also thankful that I discovered Chinese dramas this year.  I read somewhere that the popularity of You From Another Star among Chinese viewers prompted the government in China to put out a call for dramas that follow the Korean model more closely.  I have no idea if that is what happened or not, but recent dramas such as Love Me if You Dare are keeping me on the edge of my seat.  I think Amber’s C-bias might be in it too, so there is plenty of eye candy along with fun pop culture references and a CSI-like feel that even caught my husband’s attention.  It is truly something to be thankful for when my drama-time can also be couple-time!  Three cheers for guilt-free dramathons!

-Thankful for Fan Sevice-

KDRAMA JEN: Fan service shower scenes and…bathtub scenes. Bus scenes work too.  It sounds so shallow, but I look forward to the brooding shower scenes.  They used to make me stop and wonder, Why is that man taking a shower fully clothed? Or why is he showering now, when he really needs to go fix that problem?  I don’t even wonder anymore.  I just accept it as a special bonus gift for all of the hours I have logged watching Kdramas. I have to admire the writers/directors who add a little spin to fan service, such as So Ji-sub’s bathtub scene in Oh My Venus and Ryoo Joon-Yeol’s exposed chest during the bus ride in Reply 1988.  Yes, these are special gifts For which we all should give thanks.



-Thankful For Bromances Hotter than the OTP-

KDRAMA JEN: Sassy Go Go.  Hmm… There were others, right???


KMUSE:  GASP!!!  Have you already forgotten the beauty that was the Seo In Guk and Park Bo Gum bromance of “I Remember You”?  It completely overshadowed the romance in that drama.


So much to be thankful for.  It was so much fun to do this post and I feel that it is the perfect time to end this years thankfulness and start working on next years by having a good dramathon.  Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers and I wish you a wonderful drama filled holiday season.

Kmuse & Kdrama Jen


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