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A true fangirl loves everything about her chosen obsession.  So if you are obsessed with Kdramas, it is only right that you also obsess equally over Kpop.  At least half of the singers end up in dramas at one time or another and they tend to lead as a gateway to each other.  So in true fangirl fashion, we will also be covering the latest Kpop releases every couple of months.  So join us as we chat about Fall’s greatest MV’s.

BTS – “Run”

KMUSE: I didn’t like the first bit of the song, but I am glad I stuck with it since it did indeed grow on me by the chorus.  The cinematography had a similar feel to the “I Need U” MV which I loved.  Both had that coming of age, but with a darker underbelly,  vibe.  I am not sure it will ever be a favorite, but definitely worth a watch.

Turtle Maknae: *Cry screams* BTS is one of my favorite groups. And I freaking can’t breathe. Their videos and music just keeps getting better better and I’m ok and not ok at the same time. Ok Fangirling over, now to actually talk about the video. First, I love the cinematography. It’s the same as I Need U because it’s part of the same series/full album. (Speaking of there are so many theories about these videos, it’s crazy.) So in the video they do a lot of illegal activities, that I super don’t condone, but I really like the feel of the video. A lot of the actions actually fit before I Need U. I feel like this video shows both the before and after of I Need U. Also the weird short video that was posted a while ago where V jumped off a tall thing into the ocean. (That video was actually removed and changed after a couple days.) Also confusingly in the removed video, Jin has a picture of what is supposed to be the entire group but turns out to be just him however, in this Jimin burns a picture of all of them but only without Jin. I love the song. It’s upbeat but some how sad. The song itself is about how they can’t get over the love that I assume they lost. With previous songs being taken into play, The story would be that they fell in love and got together with a girl however, she didn’t show him as much love as he gave her and he got upset, they broke up and at first, they were just sad and wanted her back but now they are going crazy and trying to run from reality. The song combined with the video, shows well the struggle that is being a youth, not quite a child but not quite an actual adult. All they can do is Run.

Twice – “Ooh-Ahh”

KMUSE:  This is possibly a new favorite idol group.  I can’t guarantee it since this is their debut song, but there is a good chance.  I love how strong their sound is (not super aegyo)  and their dancing is feminine without going totally hoochie.  I look forward to seeing what they release next.


VIXX – “Chained Up”

Turtle Maknae: *dies* Ok so I love VIXX but then again who doesn’t? Don’t answer that. Leo is my bias in this group and I am digging his blonde hair. He tried it awhile ago but he got rid of it a week or two later. I wonder if he’ll keep it longer this time. Anyway the video, the video is pretty simple and some of the details are gorgeous but the chains block Leo’s pretty face. TT^TT The music is sexual but not overtly and is quite catchy. Hongbin and Hyuk have quite a few lines this time too! The outfits are awesome. I love suits like nobody’s business.  The dance is probably my favorite part though. It fits the theme of the song very well. UMF

KDRAMA JEN: I definitely get excited when I hear VIXX has a new song.  I don’t get to watch the MVs very often, but I crank up the Kpop on my drive to work.  This one is fun on the commute, especially when I can belt out “chained up, chained up” every so often.  This is my first time seeing the visual connected to the song.  I have been missing so much!  This is totally steamy!

KMUSE: VIXX was one of my first kpop biases from way back when…… so I always anticipate their comebacks.  Probably more than an ahjumma should admit.  This one especially was extremely sexy.  The chained theme, the collars, the sexy dancing.  Could not have asked for more.  OK, maybe shower scenes, but I will leave something for their next MV.


B.A.P. – “Young Wild & Free”

Turtle Maknae: I could just cry, I’m so happy. When I first watched this video I just kept saying Thank you, over and over, out loud. After what they went through, I’m so happy that they are back and seem to be well and are doing music their way. Bang Yongguk has his name on every song on the album and I love all the songs. TS ENT didn’t skimp on the sets for the music video at all. They don’t usually though. Anyway the sets are elaborate and stunning. The clothing/outfit choices seem to be very personalized which makes me warm and fuzzy inside. The video itself is quite entertaining and feels like a freestyle. It really fits B.A.P’s overall style. I feel that the boys had a lot of fun while filming it. Also Baby Zelo is all grown up and is a man, omg.

KMUSE: It was very much classic BAP.  I enjoyed it, but they are not really my style so probably won’t be listening to the song much.

CL – “Hello Bitches”

KMUSE: I will be honest.  I was a bit put out that it was not a 2NE1 comeback and instead just CL.  I tend to not really like her solo work and was not really expecting to like this song.  Surprisingly, it is not completely horrible.  While not my style, it does have an engaging MV and some toe tapping beat.  I don’t think it will ever be on my playlist, but I wouldn’t call it crap either.

KDRAMA JEN:  So… Not a big fan of this one.  I love 2NE1, so I was also very disappointed that the teasers for a comeback were for CL and not the full group.  It feels like she is trying just a little too hard to be bad.  Of course, I do find myself singing along, so it certainly has catchy lyrics.  I don’t recommend this one for the office, though.  People tend to raise eyebrows when you suddenly burst out with, “Hello Bitches.”


Got7 – “Confession Song”

Turtle Maknae: I love how scared the girls got!! HAHA! I love how silly Got7 is but these lyrics are so sweet, like I got Diabetes from this song. The video is super cute and is filmed in a very intimate way as to make one feel as though they were there. The actual confessions were so cute!! Like they were all shy and when they agreed the celebration was fun!! Jackson is way too excited about love.

jackson excited.png

9 Muses – “Sleepless Nights”

KMUSE: This song and MV were OK, but ultimately forgettable.  I will say that the directing of the MV was pretty at times.

Myun – “Don’t Bother”

KMUSE: I actually added this song, not just because I love it, but because Myun is a singer that is not mainstream.  I also think it is a perfect song to have in the background while you are relaxing in a bath or sitting by a Christmas tree reading a book.  Sometimes you need just a tiny push to try something new, so consider this me pushing.


Lee Hong Ki – “Insensible”

KDRAMA JEN: I adore Lee Hong Ki’s voice.  I even listened to the theme song from Heirs over and over because of the tone of his voice.  So, I am thrilled he is going solo.  This MV is really heartbreaking.  It features Park Shin Hye and Lee Hong Ki acting the parts of two lovers who have grown apart.  The simple scenes coupled with the sweeping power of his vocals had me physically aching for their pain.  Love this one.

KMUSE:  How did I miss this one?  I guess I was still in recovery mode from FT Island’s last release “Puppy” (I am not sure if there is a kpop song I dislike more) and was just not ready to give Hong Ki another chance.  Thank goodness Jen pushed me into it because this song and MV is so emotional.  Definitely Hong Ki at his best.


  • Here is a list of all our songs in playlist form for anyone interested.

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