“Cheese In The Trap” Introduces our Love Rectangle in 3rd & 4th Teasers

b3There is not one second that is not adorkable in the new teasers for upcoming college romcom “Cheese in The Trap”.  It has hinted romance, it has funny 2nd leads, it has two khotties staring each other down in all their khottiness.  Absolute perfection.b1b2In my opinion Park Hae Jin and Seo Kang Joon are well matched as romantic rivals (with hopefully a touch of bromance thrown in).  Their heated stares of dominance totally make the teasers.

b4However leading ladies Kim Go Eun and Lee Sung Kyung are no slouches themselves.  They bring the cuteness (even if it is a little psychotic in regards to our 2nd leading lady) and nicely round out our foursome.  I can already feel that this group is going to have some great chemistry.  Now if TvN can manage to tone down the melo and give me some real romantic hijinks, I will be a happy Ahjumma.  “Cheese In The Trap” is set to air on January 1st.






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