Kmuse’s Best Secondary Characters of 2015


WOOT!  It’s that time of year again when we bloggers start looking back on the year in drama and pick all the best and worst moments to chat about.  This is my third year doing my countdowns (YAY, that makes me an annual count-downer) and it is one of my favorite segments to work on.  So be sure to come check us out often since we will release at least two a week on top of our usual posts and recaps. collage

So let’s start things off with our look at the best secondary characters.  You know, those actors who stole the scenes just by being purely awesome? Warning……..this segment is crazy long.  Who knew there would be so much talent waiting to be discovered within the B-Leads drama pool of 2015.


Choi Siwon “She Was Pretty”

b2I am positive that there is no one out there in the dramaverse who would disagree that Siwon  was the real star of “She was Pretty”.  With his interesting quirks and high energy, Kim Shin Hyeok was the bell of the ball.  It is tragically sad that the rest of the characters were not as interesting.  Due to weird pacing and a boring (but sweet) OTP, a lot of the story fell flat,  but I will always fondly remember Siwon and his love for  Jackson.

Everyone in “Six Flying Dragons”

There could not be a better cast.  Everyone is AMAZING, therefore everyone deserves to be mentioned in this segment (even the younger actors).  Sadly, I can’t countdown the whole cast so I am going to pick my favorite four.

Byun Ho Yan – Ddang Sae / Lee Bang Ji

a22.png I am so in love with Saguek Byun Ho Yan and his sexy scruff.  I know that his current facial hair look might drive some of you nuts, but I LOVE it to the nth degree.
Facial hair aside, Ho Yan’s acting,  action choreography, and the fact that he actually sings in this drama has made him jump into my top 10 khottie list.  I am at the point where I kind of hope he continues to do Saguek predominately.  He is one of those actors that was born to be in hanbok.

EXTRA BONUS – Byun Ho Yan singing on the OST

Shin Se Kyung -Boon Yi


Not your usual damsel in distress, Boon Yi takes the more spunky realist route in her character development.  Shin Se Kyung has been doing an amazing job portraying this complex character.  Something that I would never have thought would be possible two years ago.  When it comes to talented actresses I always give SSK credit on working on her acting style and being the most improved of her generation.


I am really enjoying where her character is going.  While she does have a light romance with our future king, her actions and emotions stay firmly in reality.  Something that I can appreciate since it doesn’t take away from the politics, but instead creates an emotional connection between all the other characters that they might not have had without her existence.

Yoon Gyun Sang – Moo Hyul

b5Moo Hyul is my favorite character in “Six Flying Dragons” (just by the tiniest of margins).  His oblivious humor and all around badassness makes him just plain awesome to watch.
 I am also ecstatic that this character is doing so well because I can renew my faith in Yoon Gyun Sang’s  acting abilities.  I loved him in the 2014 drama “Pinocchio” as the older brother.  But then he played the 2nd lead in “The Time We Were Not In Love” and was an absolute bore.  I worried that “Pinocchio” was a fluke.  Thankfully he rocks at being the genius swordsman Moo Hyul and all is back where it should be in regards to my fangirl status.


Park Hyuk-Kwon – Gil Tae-Mi

Part evil underling, part best swordsman of Goryeo, and 100% fashionista, Gil Tae Mi brings a sense of whimsy to “Six Flying Dragons”.  What I loved best is that Tae Mi could turn from fancy to deadly in a second.  A truly great character that deserves a shout out.

Kim Seul Gi “Oh My Ghostess” – Shin Sun Ae

My comedic girl crush, of course, has to make the list.  Kim Seul Gi also happens to be the #1 actress I hope gets switched to a leading role ASAP (something a bit more than a 2 episode mini drama…..however that is a start).


Seul Gi definitely made her mark as the ghost looking to get laid and find her happily ever after (post life).  She continued to make me laugh through the whole show and is a huge part of why I loved this drama so much.

Ji Soo “Cheer Up & Angry Mom”

b5While not playing a leading man, I would definitely declare this the Year of Ji Soo.  His brooding characters in both “Cheer Up” and “Angry Mom” won the hearts of ahjummas everywhere.


Im Seul Ong “Ho Goo’s Love” – Byeon Kang Cheol

I spent the whole episode alternately laughing and feeling horrible for the poor sexually confused lawyer.  Not to mention the scenes between Seul Ong and Choi Woo-Sik were highly amusing.  Any bromance that allows for a scene where one bites the butt of the other has got to make the list.


Yook Sung Jae “Who Are You: School 2015” – Kong Tae Gwang

He should have gotten the girl…… there really isn’t anything to say beyond that. #TeamTaeGwang4Ever


Wang Kai “Nirvana In Fire” – Prince Jing

SIGH…….  My new C-bias is absolute perfection. Wang Kai has been in several dramas this year as side characters, but it is in “Nirvana of Fire” that I first fell in love with him.  Wang Kai brooded well, he bromanced well, and he did the whole royalty thing well.  I look forward to seeing Wang Kai continue in his road toward leading man.  I am sure it is just a matter of time.


Chen Long “Nirvana in Fire” – General Meng Zhi


General Meng was a fun character who was the normal guy among a bunch of geniuses.  It made for some great humor when he tried his hardest to keep up with his mental giant besties.  And just look how sexy he looked in his battle gear.  That alone makes it a must to put him on the list.


Yeon Jung Hoon & Yoo In Young “Mask”

I loved the makjangfest that was the drama “Mask”.  A good majority of its success was thanks to its crazy second leads who brought a whole new level of dysfunctional to this show.  From over the top glances to the constant drinking of wine with a straw, this couple did a great job of distracting us from how improbable the actual plot was.


Park Won Sang “Last” – #2 Ryoo Jong Goo

#2 was the #1 reason to check out “Last”.   This was one of the best dramas of the year and it was this secondary character that became the focus of the whole show (at least in my opinion.)  #2’s inner struggle in regards to drugs, living a thug life, and doing right by those he loved was the heart of the drama and will be the reason I will give this show a second viewing.


Park Bo Gum “I Remember you” – Min

My list would not be complete if I did not add one of my new favorite actors.  Especially when he did such a stellar job playing the traumatized serial killer Min in the drama “I Remember You”.  His ability to switch between lost puppy to terrifying killer makes me sure that Bo Gum has a successful acting career ahead of him.  Let’s hope that we will be seeing a lot more of this talented actor in 2016.


That completes my countdown of favorite secondary characters.  Feel free to let me know which characters you think I missed since I love debating and sharing great actors.  Also check back all through December because I, and the rest of the fangirls, have plans for a lot more end of year lists to come.

Til next time,


19 thoughts on “Kmuse’s Best Secondary Characters of 2015

  1. I think Choi Siwon would be as close to an undisputed winner as is possible in Dramaland, and agree with most of those I’ve seen from your list.

    If you’re defining SJ’s character in “Who Are You” as a secondary character, then I’d definitely add Chae Jeong Ans’s role from YongPal, and Shin Eun Kyeong’s role in Achiara’s Secret. Both women had characters with more depth and complexity than the “leads” and nailed their performances. CJA kept the otherwise soporific Yong Pal interesting, and SEK was outstanding as the very complex antagonist in Achiara’s Secret.

    • I really enjoyed him as a villain. Especially since I usually don’t like him as a romantic interest. He is going to play the bad guy again in “Remember” and I am looking forward to it.

  2. Shin Se Kyung is the lead female in 6 Flying Dragons, isn’t she? But I totally agree about that show – EVERYBODY is fantastic! Our soon to be King Taejo (Cheon Ho Jin) is one of my fav actors – totally hot & my age for a change!

    • I don’t know if I would actually say she is the lead. But more just behind the lead (Yoo Ah In). It is an odd show that has an ensemble cast, but also has the focus on the life of one character more than the others…..or at least it will go in that direction soon. Hence putting her with the others.

  3. Six Flying Dragon cast all the way! *o* Every character is simply amazing! From the main dragons to the minor roles ~ perfection!
    I also really loved Min Seok Hoon (Mask) he wasn’t just a villain, I saw him as an anti-hero, he was so damn complex and amazing. I hated to love him all the way to the end xD

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