The Suspense Begins in 1st Teaser for New Drama “Signal”


SQUEEEEEEEEEE!   This is the sound I make when one of my favorite writers combines with one of my favorite actors to make a suspenseful and chilling new drama!s7.png

Not only am I completely thrilled over the fact that this drama is finally happening, but the teaser totally lives up to expectations as well.  It is amazing how eerie a classic song can be when you add a few abrupt scratches into it.


“Signal” is the story of a serial killer who remains at large and the work of two police officers (who just happen to live in different times) and their efforts to capture the killer.  You might ask how two men can do this when they are not alive at the same time?  The answer……… MAGICAL WALKIE TALKIES!!!!!!  Yup, we go full frequency and have the two men communicate through time to try and catch a killer.  It should make for a drama full of suspense and awesomeness.  “Signal” is set to air on January 15th (although that might have been pushed back a week depending on when “Answer Me 1988” finishes).


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