Kmuse’s End of Year Countdown – Favorite kdrama OTB (One True Bromance) of 2015

t1This is actually a new category for me this year.  Usually, I just put my favorite bromance in the “couple countdown”.  But there were so many stellar bestie bromances in 2015, they deserved their own shout-out.  So here is to all the men who made me forget that we need women in our dramas.

I Remember You (Seo In Guk & Park Bo Gum)


This is a bromance that outshined everything else in the drama…..including the actual romance.  It just goes to prove, that if you have two guys that really connect chemistry wise, a girl added into the mix is somewhat pointless.  Sadly, Jang Na Ra was pushed to the side in the second half, but since I wanted our leading man to choose his psycho brother anyway, I wasn’t too upset.

Kill Me Heal Me ( Ji Sung & Park Seo Joon)


Can it really be considered a bromance if one of the guys considers himself a teenage girl at the time?  Since I am the one choosing (hail the power of the blogger) I answer this question with a resounding “YES!”  Yona (one of Ji Sung’s alternate personalities) & Ri On’s scenes were pure comedic gold and it makes me dream that these two stayed friends after the filming ended.

Nirvana in Fire (Hu Ge & Wang Kai)


A bromance among bromances, the two besties (Mei Chang Su & Prince Jing) from “Nirvana in Fire” bring bromance to a whole new level.  You know it is pretty epic when one comes back from the dead to help the other.  OK, maybe a bit because of a need for revenge, but mostly because of bromantic love.

Cheer Up! (Lee Won Gun  & Ji Soo)


I really loved the main couple in “Cheer Up” (Sassy Go Go).  But even more than the romantic leads, I loved these two boys relationship.  Through thick and thin they stood by each other, helping survive family and school trials alike.  This is one instance where the show would have been less without the OTB.

Love Weaves Through A Millennium (Chen Xiang & Jing Boran)


One of the largest differences between “Queen In Hyun’s Man” and the Chinese remake “Love Weaves Through A Millennium” is the inclusion of a close friendship in the latter.  Besties that end up in different political factions, Gong Min and Wang Mang, find themselves on paths that will lead to the death of one of them.  It is this tragic friendship that makes this more than just a copy of the original work and in my opinion, helps make it the better version.

Ouroboros (Oguri Shun & Ikuta Toma)


What could be better than a bromance based on childhood trauma and the thirst for revenge?  When it comes to Ikuo and Tatsuya, the answer is nothing.  This is the gritty and dark bromance you did not even know you were missing.  Join these two besties as they work on both sides of the law to take down the people that murdered their adopted mother.  This would also be my pick as best bromance of the year.

Orange Marmalade ( Yeo Jin Goo & Lee Jong Hyun)


This drama is a bit odd in that it starts off in the present, jumps back into historical Joseon, then back to the present.  Sadly Shi Hoo and Jae Min were only besties in the historical episodes, but it was truly a great bromance to behold.   If I was going to change only one thing in this show, it would be more bromance because these two had some great bestie chemistry going on.

Love Me If You Dare (Wallace Huo & Yin Andrew)


Fu Zi Yu & Bo Jin Yan are one of those bestie couples that just click.  Each is so eccentric that they don’t have many people close to them, which makes their friendship even deeper.  It also is fun to see one so intent on getting his best friend laid.  Because heaven knows Bo Jin Yan needs the help …. the boy is clueless when it comes to anything but the macabre.

And this concludes the OTB countdown.  Did I mention your favorite?  Is there one that I missed?  Be sure to let me know in the comments.  Chatting drama is always the best way to find new dramas to try out.  Also, if you have not checked out our other end of your countdown lists, see the links below.  We will be bringing them all through the month of December so be sure to check back often.

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15 thoughts on “Kmuse’s End of Year Countdown – Favorite kdrama OTB (One True Bromance) of 2015

  1. So many wonderful Bromances! Hard to pick a favorite but the NIF bros and the LMIYD bros are my top two. On the other hand I could watch Oguri Shun & Ikuta Toma all day long. They were so good together I didn’t mind rooting for the seriously flawed guys.

  2. The Cheer Up buddies are my favourite, followed by Shun & Toma, then Chen Xiang & Jing Bo Ran. The Cheer Up & Ouroboros duos are good friends in RL too – Added bonus! 🙂

    • I am trying to watch I Remember You but I just cant seem to get through the first episode. Jang Nara is a very capable actress but I don’t think she’s all that suited for this role :/

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