Answer Me 1988 Episode 10: My Heartu!

Okay Writer-nim. I get it. Love is your specialty. Whether it’s one of the OTPs (one true pairings) or any of the side characters, you know how to make us ship.


My poor heartu is officially aching after this episode. I want everyone to be happy so much it hurts. Although I agree with Amber about not caring who our leading lady ends up with, the other boy Taek better be happy in the end.

In fact, lets have them all live in the same apartment building when they grow up and give Taek the other boy Jin Joo when she’s older so they can keep it within the block.


Because of all the love going around, I think it’s only fair we rank all the potential OTP’s. I’m going to talk about this episode out of order so we can focus on one coupling at a time. Okay? Okay.

#5. Tweedle-dee and Hyung

Can I just say, I did not see this one coming. But oh, how I screamed. Hyung is so precious. Whether he’s eating spam because he missed meat.

Fighting a turf war with elementary school kids.


Or trying to shove an entire slice of cake in his mouth at once.


I can’t help but love him. I’m not as endeared to Duk Seon’s friend, but if she lives in Kdrama land and professes not to believe in fate, someone has to fix it.


As usual, Hyung is making trouble by playing too many arcade games and gets himself chased by some gangsters. At the same moment Tweedle-dee is going to a blind-date set up by Tweedle-dum.


Hyung is doing his best to blend into the crowd, and who’s umbrella should he happen to clutch? That’s right. Oh, I can feel the destiny!

#4. Sun Woo’s mom and Taek’s dad

We’ve gotten several hints that this might happen from the beginning,  and I couldn’t help but wish it was true. Taek’s dad has no idea how to provide the mothering side of things, and Sun Woo’s mom needs support both emotionally and financially.

In episode nine we found out these two are childhood friends, and they equally help each other through difficult times. This naturally allows their relationship to grow closer, and boy are they cute together.


There’s something wonderful about a more mature relationship that doesn’t need to lean on butterflies and first kisses to hold strong. It’s a quiet, simple thing, but that’s what makes it so lovely.

#3. The Married Couples

Yes, I’m hitting two birds with one stone here, but since they’re already together, they don’t need as much individual highlighting. In this episode, the focus was more on Jung Hwan’s parents.

We know from previous episodes that not everything is perfect in the bedroom, but these two stick together. Even when Jung Hwan’s mom is chagrining her husband’s antics (i.e. keeping a box of old crap that should be in the trash) you know they really love each other deep down.


It’s Jung Hwan’s dad’s birthday that’s a mouthful, and he’s not his usual cheery self. He even hesitates when Duk Seon wants to do the stupid president joke with him. Ouch.


Most of the episode is spent trying to figure out what’s making him so down. You can tell his wife really is worried about his well being.


Without meaning to, Jung Hwan’s mom finds a solution to the depression (or at least she helps her husband discover the reason he’s hurting.) Just as she’s going to throw out all the old junk, she comes across a tape of Hyung singing when he was little.


In the background, a grandmother’s voice can be heard, and it hit’s Jung Hwan’s dad to the core. If only he could see his mother one last time. Doesn’t matter that it’s been a decade since she’s passed. Some wounds never heal. Crap. Now I need to call my mom and tell her I love her.


#2. Sun Woo and Bo Ra

I’m enjoying this pairing more and more. It’s just so…them. They’re opposites, and yet they work. I’m not sure how it’s been pulled off, but their relationship is blooming perfectly.

We start off the episode with Bo Ra contemplating the concert ticket Sun Woo has given her. She already knows the stipulation to attending with him. If she goes, it will be as a woman, and Sun Woo will be her man.



Can I just say I love how he was firm about his feelings without creating drama? Too often it’s this whole, “We can’t be friends” speech *cough* She Was Pretty *cough* and they end up not talking for a long time. But even though Sun Woo told her he wouldn’t take back his confession, he’s not going to avoid her either.


Bo Ra decides the only way to handle Sun Woo is to return the ticket. She goes to the study center and leaves it on his desk, with a note. Talk about taking the cowardly way out.


Thank goodness Sun Woo decided to study at home that day so he could get ready for his date. Jung Hwan takes Sun Woo’s desk at the study hall, and somehow knocks the ticket to the ground.


At the last second, Bo Ra’s conscious gets the best of her and she runs to the study hall to retrieve the ticket. She doesn’t stick around to chat, preferring to sprint to her man. See what I did there?

Sun Woo is giddy, but he doesn’t gloat. Curse him for being so perfect. Later, when he tells her he’ll stop by her house after studying, Bo Ra decides to date him. I was literally saying AWE! Out loud. It was that cute.


#1. Duk Seon and Taek

This relationship y’all. Ugh. I love Taek so much I just want to wrap him in a bow and display him for the whole world to see. Creepy much?


I mean, look at this puppy. He doesn’t even know how to sit in a car without blocking the driver view.

Moving on. Dong Ryong has run away from home (I feel really bad for him because he doesn’t have a girl and his parents don’t even notice when he’s abandoned them.) So the crew gets together to rescue him, and that means a trip to the beach.


Once they get there, they realize there’s no more room in the car. Duh! I thought about that from the beginning. I’m not complaining, though.

So everyone can be more comfortable, Bo Ra, Sun Woo, and Jung Hwan decided to leave two people behind to take the bus. Guess who’s left?



Insert sheep noise here

Duk Seon doesn’t have an issue with it since Taek is loaded and she can eat as much food as she wants.


Once they’re done eating, and once Taek has beat some helpless old men at baduk, they deicde to spend some time at the beach. Cuteness abounds.


First, Duk Seon makes him some bad coffee, and he smiles about it. Then he saves her from being killed by volleyball (hot!) then they play in the water. Okay, I’ll shut up and show you the screen caps.



Honestly, this part was so touching it almost brought me to tears. Taek treats her like a queen. Every glance, every smile, has so much meaning. He doesn’t have to say a word for you to feel how much he loves her.


Dangit, now I’m thinking about Chilbongie being the same way and breaking my heart. I hate to admit it y’all, but I’m sailing on the Taek/Duk Seon ship. Why? Because a guy who treats a girl that well deserves to get her in the end. My heartu!!!


Flash forward to all the friends gathered in Jung Hwan’s room eating chicken. Everyone is teasing Duk Seon for not treating Taek well because he’s their treasure (I love this joke, like really love it.) She even gave him a scar on his forehead when he was younger, and will she take responsibility for him for the rest of her life?


Mr. Puppy is extremely happy with her answer, even though he denies liking her in front of everyone.

Duk seon leaves to use the restroom, and the guys immediately pounce, asking if Taek really likes her. He says what we already know, and not everyone is happy with the news.



Which brings me to…

#1. (Part II) Duk Seon and Jung Hwan

Okay, this girl needs to be cloned. Can someone get on that? Or maybe she can marry them both. Bigomy’s not an issue in this case, right?

Seriously, I love the way Jung Hwan loves her, too. He doesn’t even want to admit it out loud, but he just keeps being there for her when she needs him. Who says you have to confess your feelings to be with someone?


I didn’t need this screencap, but I couldn’t delete it either because he’s so pretty!

Rewind to the beginning where Duk Seon’s friends come over to her house. Jung Hwan is there because he lives in the house above her. He says he has something to talk to her about, and Duk Seon’s friends spy in.


After Tweedle-dum has invited them out on a blind date, she asks Duk Seon what Jung Hwan wanted. Turns out he asking her to movies *Squee* Her friends really aren’t completely stupid, and continue their mission to convince Duk Seon that Jung Hwan likes her.


This time, they have a fool proof plan. Ask him if she should go on the blind date. If he says go ahead, he doesn’t care. If she says don’t go, he likes you.

Sure enough, we see Duk Seon ask the big question.


But of course we don’t get an answer yet. Instead we get shots of what all of our love-lorn people are doing late at night.

Looks like only one person isn’t thinking about who he’s going to date.

Then, all the other stuff happens in the middle with Taek and the other couples. Let’s pass the time with more Jung Hwan screen caps I didn’t need, shall we?


The last few minutes of the episode are here and finally we get to see Jung Hwan’s answer. Doesn’t help that Duk Seon asks the question at kissing distance.

And that’s how this story ends. Now that Duk Seon knows, what will she do about it? Her friends told her that was up to her, and I hope she takes a nice long time to contemplate on it.


Both episodes this week were excellent. They certainly delivered in a way only Kdramas can. This is the whole reason I’m here.

Thinking about our OTP’s, I really hope Duk Seon gets a chance to truly date both of them. I know it’s not likely in the Kdrama world, but Jung Hwan isn’t ready for a relationship yet.


No matter how much he likes Duk Seon, until he can tell his friends that she’s the one, he’s not prepared. And now that he knows Taek’s feelings, I suspect he’ll step aside when he needs to.

After all, no one messes with the puppy.






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  2. ahh…i love your recaps on this series, you’re so enthusiastic and it’s how i always feel after i watch this too! 🙂
    im not a taek- duk seon shipper tho they are adorable with each other….really loved how she totally took care of him in china! the writers like to do this ‘behind the scenes all this was going on but you only find out now’ kinda thing. lol….it’s what happened with the blind date question, too!
    i think that unless something really bizarre like a personality transplant comes into play, hubb’s got to be jung hwan. i mean, joo hyuk is practically a grown up jung hwan, isn’t he?? much drier and sarcastic than taek could ever be plus he slouch sits the same way….lol
    dong ryong could be a verrrry dark horse for this, but i doubt it. speaking of him, he deserves some more screen & storytime, i think! he acts as a foil and a mechanism most of the time but his character is interesting plus i like donghwy, so here’s hoping he gets some,
    for me though, this episode was all about the parents. they are what make this drama so special….awesome characters and real people. i love love taek’s dad….he was especially cute in this episode. i really want to see him happy. the heartbreaks of sun woo’s mom were also something very painful here…as a single mom i really identify with her character and i think the writers are handling her story really well, may her ex m-i-law burn in the fiery pits of hell. 🙂
    anyways, thanks so much for the recaps….i really enjoy them and they’ve become a part of watching this wonderful series for me.

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