“Answer Me 1988” Episode 9: 50% Taek & 50 % Jung Hwan


collageWhat is a fangirl to do when both guys are so absolutely perfect?  Adore them both, of course, which is what the writers seem to have in mind as well.  This episode we watch Duk Seon have some one-on-one time with both her  perspective swains. Allowing we viewers to start building our end ship, for better or worse.


We’re going to do things a bit different this recap since I truly want to focus on both of our prospective bridegrooms (YAY!  I finally got an episode that was romantically significant.  Not that I don’t love the block gang, but sometimes I want to fangirl about the romance too.)  So I am going to put my random thoughts first and then follow that with chatting about our two sexy leading men.


This episode Jung Bong goes to the local temple for a Buddhist retreat.  Looks like a good setup to me.  Nothing can beat yummy food and comfy clothing.  Talk about a pretty sweet vacation for a stressed out Ahjumma.  Sign me up.  WAIT……do they have dramas there?  That might be a deal breaker.  Can’t live without my shows.


It has actually flitted through my mind that Sun Woo and Taek’s parents should hook up.  I think it is the 1988 curse that I just want everyone to be coupled up and happy.  And while this isn’t quite the romantic hookup I was expecting, I do like the fact that they helped solve each others problems.  It was also fun to learn of their childhood friendship as well as why the Choi family moved into the neighborhood.


BO RA REALITY CHECK: You should always choose the guy who is going to be there for you and DOESN’T sleep with your best friend.  There are NO exceptions.  Sun Woo for the win!


The dad trying to convince his wife that Alcohol (getting drunk) saved Daddy Choi’s life is adorable.  Made me laugh.


The Main Event

Before I get into the important romancing events, I just want to do a quick shout out to the writers.  Thank you for making Duk Seon an “every girl” type of character.  Due to her normal teenage personality, I think we can all relate to her a bit better than her “Answer Me” predecessors. It is also that normality that allows me to realistically see her with both boys.


Something that saves me a lot of angst since in the past “Answer Me” series I always had the feeling that the leading lady only worked with one of the potential husbands.  And while I do have my preference over which of the two guys I want Duk Seon to end up with, I would not be furious if it turns out to be the other suitor (more about my predictions later).   And now for the main event.  Who is going to win the fair realistic maiden’s heart?


While nothing huge happened on the Jung Hwan front this episode, it was all the little things that made me swoon.

b1.pngLike when he went from scary stalker to dreamy in two seconds flat.  Who wouldn’t become a puddle of romantic goo when hearing our bad boy say “Good Night” in that deep voice of his.

And the luscious cherry on top was watching our gruff khottie sneakily watch Duk Seon from his bedroom window.   Look at his smile when he watches her.  Who wouldn’t fall for a man who looks at you that way?  Now we just need him to man up and just say the words “let’s date” and all would be good.b5


Instead, Jung Hwan goes the “show up wherever she is and not really say the words” route.  Which is all well and good, but you will end up with this expression aimed your way when you agree to go with her to a concert ……..alone…… just the two of you.


The best part of this whole awkward situation was when Jung Hwan took the opportunity to get a photo of he and Duk Seon together.  Acting as if they were a real couple out on a hot date.  Makes you kind of wonder if Duk Seon is still as oblivious as she is pretending.  Especially when Jung Hwan pulls her into a full shoulder hug for the photo.


So when the older version of Duk Seon and “the husband” begin talking about a photo that was taken, it is normal to assume that this is the photo in question.  It is a case of a photo saying a thousand words….. or not since as we will discover, Duk Seon and Taek also get their photo-shoot on.


Due to his father’s hospitalization, Taek is in need of a keeper during his upcoming competition.  Enter Duk Seon who travels with Taek, his coach, and two reporters to China.  She is there to make sure he eats, sleeps, and all around survives since Taek doesn’t really focus on anything but his competition.


I like that we, as well as Duk Seon, get a glimpse of Taek’s world which is full of obsession and intensity.  Something that would be hard to understand from listening to the radio back home.  I also enjoyed that Duk Seon is just who she is no matter the circumstances.  A total food obsessed weirdo with a heart of gold.  I just about died/gagged of laughter when Duk Seon started gnawing the duck head.


At first look it seems that Duk Seon is not really interested or involved with Taek except to take advantage of the free meals.  She flits about eating double portions and falling asleep during Taek’s long games.  But later we find out that she really was looking out for her block bestie.


Picking out his clothing, badgering the hotel staff into fixing his room’s heat and plumbing, and going to get his favorite meals and bringing them to his room.  In short, Duk Seon made sure that every aspect of Taek’s comforts were taken care of so he could focus completely on his games.b32.png

It also is pertinent that the second his game finished, Duk Seon was the first person Taek looked for in the crowd.  I don’t know about you all, but his smile at seeing her just melted my heart.


And by the time we got to the second huge grin before leaving the hotel, I was totally thinking that Taek might not be such a bad husband prospect.


And in true “Answer Me” fashion, the writers were not going to leave us with any questions answered.  Our possible OTP also have a photo taken with Taek informing Duk Seon that she is beautiful.


So who is it going to be?  Taek or Jung Hwan?  Both have their pluses, with few negatives.  One thing I find interesting is that Duk Seon could easily fit into both boys lives.  I guess that is what happens when you already have grown up with your soulmate.  Unlike other relationships, that space where the initial love develops, has already been filled.  She doesn’t have to fit into their lives since she has always been there.


I did find it interesting that a lot of people online were talking about how Duk Seon was more of a mother to Taek and that is why he is out of the running.  I would like to point out that I don’t think this is necessarily true.  Yes, he does have specific needs that need to be filled.  He is a genius and, therefore, is single-minded.  That doesn’t mean that she is mothering him, just that she is providing for his needs.


The same as if she married someone who had a demanding job or someone who was a dreamer and was always looking at life from the clouds.  Every relationship has a different push and pull, and whoever Taek marries is going to have to fill that spot in his life.


That said, I simply don’t see Taek as the end game.  And my #1 reason for saying this is by my observations of the older version of Duk Seon and her husband.  Unless Taek has a huge personality overhaul, that guy is not him.  Sure the writers might just be throwing more red herrings into the mix, but if they are I am a bit pissed since you can’t create a whole different personality for a character just to keep us guessing.  It’s just not right.


That’s all for episode 9.  Who do you think/or want to be the husband?  Maybe we will find out in episode 10 which Jennie will be recapping  tomorrow.  Also be sure to check out our end of year reviews.  You might even see our 1988 boys showing up.

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  1. I like both boys, don’t want either to have a broken heart, & Taek’s smile!!!!! But I totally agree – that modern version of Hubby is NOT Taek – even tho he does look a bit like Taek’s daddy, he really just screams Jung Hwan, as does their interactions. If the writers messed up the future scenarios just to confuse us, well, that’s just sloppy. But since it’s really minor, it will hardly upset me like the stupidity of AM 1994…

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  3. Up to now, it’s a endless cause to decide who I favor as Duk Seon’s hubby. I love both emotionally, okay, I have a soft spot for Taek since he’s like the maknae in the group, so when the two smile I turn to jello instantly. Tough choice. I do, logically however, feel Duk Seon as a person who cannot survive with someone who has opposite poles in personality, like Taek; he’s too reserved for her liking. She’s too outgoing for Taek to handle. Sad but true, they may try dating but eventually that will only turn into heartbreak as a means to an end. As we all have noticed so far, every healthy relationship seems proven that a bickering couple reaches that successful goal. LOL~ Hence, Jung Hwan is the healthier candidate who can definitely lash his tongue in the battlefield. Haha~

  4. I hate it when the writers give clues then it turns out it isn’t the obvious guy all along. I think the husband is Jung Hwan (I want it to be him), but do you guys remember in the first few episodes when the husband went out for a smoke? And I think Jung Hwan doesn’t smoke because he thinks that people are kind on the inside if they don’t smoke (he stated this to Sun Woo when they played soccer with the school bully, remember?)

    Unless Jung Hwan smokes in the latter part, he can’t be the husband. But the husband’s personality is all Jung Hwan. And I think it’s easier for them to add a story of Jung Hwan smoking in his, say, college years instead of making a complete change on Taek’s character. I’m not getting my hopes that high though… I’m not yet over with the fact that Na Jeong didn’t end up with Chilbong. I might cry my eyes out if I continue shipping JungSeon and they don’t end up with each other. The Reply dramas are making me go nuts! Ahhhh

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