“Neighborhood Hero” Drops 1st Teaser

b1.pngI don’t know why we have had so little buzz surrounding the upcoming OCN drama “Neighborhood Hero”.  One reason might be the fact that it is Park Si Hoo’s return to dramas after his huge scandal a few years ago. Only time will tell if viewers are ready to forgive and forget his possible guilt. 


An ex-secret agent, who bears a painful history from the past, gets to know a young man who makes a living working as an temp. The ex-agent trains the young man to turn him into a secret agent in order to fight against evil.


For some reason I was expecting something a bit more slick and stylish, but the humorous approach actually is working to peak my interest.  I especially have a soft spot for the whole tracksuit concept when it comes to humor.  It gives the teaser a bit of a “Secretly Greatly” vibe that I love.


“Neighborhood Hero” is set to air at the end of January 2015

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