2015 Khottie’s According to Korea

collage.jpgThe top kdrama shows buzzed about internationally aren’t always the same ones that get the rating in Korea. So this year instead of doing the Khottie list from just my personal favorites or what was talked about on Dramafever or the like, this list is based on the highest rated shows in Korea.

So without further ado:

I first locked eyes on Kim Rae Won in My Little Bride, a 2004 film where he marries a fifteen-year-old (this is seriously the plot. It’s cute…and creepy. Kinda like Shopkins.) But this year he topped the charts in Korea with Punch and still managed to squeeze in some Gangnam Blues.

s13.pngThere are also rumors of a sequel to Love Story in Harvard. More info HERE http://en.mediamass.net/culture/love-story-in-harvard/reunion.html



Next on our list is Joo Won in Yong Pal.

s17This dedicated actor did his own stunts on the drama, and filmed at such a pace that he claims to have gone 6 days without sleeping and lost a good deal of weight. He worried many a fan.

s4s5But he still looks good.


My favorite Kim Soo Hyun drama is My Love From Another Star (shocking, I know) but that would fall under 2014 and this list is for 2015. So, who know what star-packed show put Kim Soo Hyun on this list of studs from top dramas?

s11.pngYep, Producers.

And if you can’t get enough of him, don’t worry, neither can the rest of Korea. He has a film already in the works (a dark, action thriller) that should come out in 2016.


Called the King of Historical Dramas this next fellow made the list by being in…

s19.pngWait for it…

A historical drama! Shine or Go Crazy.

s3-.jpgJang Hyuk (more like Jang HUNK)

You can catch Jang Hyuk right now in a historical drama called The Merchant: Gaekju 2015



I am currently watching Ju Ji Hoon in Goong with my daughter and he’s darling.

s6.pngBut that show is super old. Like 2006 old.

s8.pngIn 2015 he did a drama Mask with  Yeon Jung Hoon.


And they looked like this.

b1Ironically both of these men are dating Ga In. Ju Ji Hoon’s is Ga In from Brown Eyed Girl and Yeon Jung Hoon married Ha Ga In, his costar in Yellow Handkerchief.


Not a bad line up for not a bad year in drama watching. Even though some of our favorites didn’t seem to make the cut (I Remember You, Healer, Pinocchio, etc) the Korean choices were still top notch.

Who was your favorite Khottie of 2015?

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  1. I’ve decided that dimples and angry eyebrows make my heart beat faster – I guess that would be Uhm Tae Woong – only he wasn’t in anything in 2015! Waaa! Maybe Weir from Thai lakorns – he wasn’t in anything in 2015 either! Double Waaa!

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