The Fangirl’s Best & Worst Kpop of 2015

While most of our End of Year reviews are Kdrama focused, we decided that we should have at least one that involves our mutual love of music.  So join us as we chat about the best and worst MV’s of 2015.



Due to space and time, we limited our picks.  Sadly, we could not list all the great MV’s that came out this year.  But that DOES NOT mean that we are ignoring anyone’s bias or groups on purpose.  Feel free to share your favorite MV’s and those that you hated in the comments or over on our FB page.

BEST OF 2015

History “Might Just Die”

Kdrama Jen:  I think my favorite of 2015 was the abs-version of History’s Might Just Die.  It was my workout song this year while I was doing crunches and other exercises that are not my favorite ones to do.  Somehow, I was completely motivated while listening to this song.  The MV really grabbed my attention too.  So abs-olutely awesome.


KMUSE: HAHAHA, we had so much fun together watching those ab rolls over and over……..and over.

JENNIE: Um…wow. Almost forgot about this…haha.

Tiger JK “Reset”

Kdrama Jen:  I also had the song “Reset” featured in School 2015 on replay.  While I wanted to reset that whole drama and move the second lead into first lead position, I really liked the song.  It was especially fun to blare it while driving.

JENNIE: I had this one on replay a lot, too, and I know I wasn’t alone. This MV has 4 million views! That’s pretty amazing for an OST.

Jang Jae In “Auditory Hallucinations”

Kdrama Jen: Hmm…  Was the Kill Me, Heal Me song this year or last year?  Regardless, Auditory Hallucination made the top of my play list.  Maybe I closed my eyes and imagined Se Gi in front of me each time it played, but there’s nothing wrong with that…right?  I just don’t recommend doing that while driving.

Super Junior “Devil”

KMUSE: One of the top for me this year was “Devil” by Super Junior.  I have been listening to this one nonstop since its release and I am still not bored.  Not to mention their performance video against the white background was pure genius.  By far their best dancing in a block room MV to date. It beat out the actual MV for me.

JENNIE: I’ve been listening to listen one a lot, too. But I hadn’t seen the performance MV until now. Daebak!

VIXX LR – “Beautiful Liar”

KMUSE: This MV was AMAZING………….let me pause so you can go watch if you have not already watched it.  Or if you want to watch it again.


Wasn’t it spectacular?  Not only does the rapping and vocals blend perfectly, but the MV is open for so many interpretations.  By far, the most intricate video of the year and that is why it’s on my list.

JENNIE: Agreed! And I thought I couldn’t love VIXX anymore than I already do. Wrong.

Big Bang “Sober”

KMUSE: I can’t stop smiling whenever I hear this song.  It just makes me happy. While I loved all the songs that Big Bang released their MADE album, this is the one I love to randomly sing at home, in the grocery store, during church (talk about an awkward ear worm).

It also happens to be my favorite song to watch them preform live.  The group just seem so relaxed and happy when singing it.  Here is their live performance in Bangkok

Honorable Mention: Sistar “Shake It”

KMUSE: I had to add this in last minute because it was literally all I played in my car all summer.  Talk about the perfect summer jam.  The MV is a ton of fun, and while it is more sexual than I usually enjoy, all the bright colors and catchy tune helped distract from the pervy guys just staring at their bottoms.

SHINee “Married to the Music”

JENNIE:  As a Shawol, you have no idea how happy I was when View came out this year. Notice how I always put my name in SHINee’s official fan color?  I was really hoping for a SHINee show stopper, and View wasn’t it. But Married to Music filled up all my happy SHINee feels. So even though I’ve shared this MV on this blog, I’m going to do it again, but this time I’ll give you the performance version to even things out.

KMUSE: I enjoyed “View” but it might be because Min Ho’s arms were so amazingly sexy.  Thank goodness for his casual styling in that MV.  But agree that this was by far my SHINee song of the year.  Although I like the crazy house version better.

VIXX “Chained Up”

JENNIE: I swear, I’m not going in order of my top three groups, but…oh wait, yes I am. Trust me, if you haven’t seen this MV you must. VIXX is so good at haunting, yet stunning songs. The choreography is ON POINT and Hongbin really surprised me with his parts. Overall, two thumbs up.

KMUSE: HAHA I am sure you are going down your bias list.  But I love the same groups so you won’t hear complaints from this blogger.

BTS “Dope”

JENNIE: Bangtang Boys are the masters of teaser pics, and I was going crazy each day as a new one was released. Can I hire their stylist for myself? I was a little worried because the pictures had me so hyped up, I was certain the song would be a let down.


I was wrong. Dope far exceeded my expectations. And their outfits!! Kookie was too much for me, and Jimin’s red hair was my favorite style yet. Plus Rapmon dimples. I just….AHHHHHH!! I fangirl heart attack whenever I watch this.

Honorable Mention: Red Velvet “Dumb Dumb”

JENNIE: I was only supposed to pick three, but the girl’s weren’t getting any love.Red velvet has climbed my list this year and snagged the #1 girl; spot. I mean, look at them. They are just so cute and talented and fun. This MV makes me happy and I’ve listened to the song a lot and still don’t hate it. And I’ve learned the dance, so that’s a lot of listening.


Kdrama Jen:  WORST of 2015…  Hmmm…  I guess I was not a fan of JYP’s song about girls’ bottoms.  What was that called?   Something about booty, booty and who’s your mama. I think I erased it from my memory because it was just too painful.

I think, perhaps, the other worst of 2015 for me was C.L.’s Dr. Pepper song.  Once again, I just feel like she is trying too hard to be bad.  Maybe I am missing the deeper meaning and metaphor beneath the lyrics, but I am just not understanding why there are floating cans of carbonated soda and girls gyrating against the floor.  What hidden depths am I missing?  I think this one tops my worst of 2015 list.  At least the booty, booty, booty song had a catchy tune.

KMUSE: Those are both bad, but I think I have you beat with this next song.  I never thought someone could strip FT Island so completely of any sexuality.  But in this MV, they succeeded and then some.  You could even say they were neutered.  In “Puppy” we see Hong Ki searching for his lost dog trying to be cute.  It’s not cute, its just kind of weird.  I hope that the group never attempts this style again.  Let the puppy stay lost.

JENNIE: I agree with everything above. I don’t really have a Kpop MV I hated, probably because I cut back on watching so many this year. (I used to watch EVERYTHING and it makes me sad I no longer have time to keep up.) So instead I’m going with the most annoying OST song. You know, the one everyone loves to hate.

I usually a huge K.Will fan, but “Thank You” from Warm and Cozy really grated on my nerves. It reminded me of Almost Paradise, and not in a good way.

And this concludes our short list of favorites and those MV’s we want to burn, sweep up the ashes, add them into a fire, and burn again.  Be sure to let us know your favorites that we missed, because half the fun of being a fan is sharing the love.  Also check out our other  End of Year reviews linked below.

Til Next time,

The Fangirls

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  1. Wow, I thought I listened to mostly the same stuff as you guys but I guess I’m wrong. LOL. I didn’t know most of this. I’ll have to listen to it and see if I agree or not. 🙂

  2. Awesome! 2015 was the year my slide into KPop (long prophesied by others) finally began, and so as a rookie, it’s a real delight to see two of my BIGGEST favourites making your list. Reset and Auditory Hallucinations are just fantastic songs, holding up very well to frequent replaying. Thanks!

  3. I watched the Best and the Worst and quite agree with the selection and the info. I do have other choices for my inclusion of Best and Worst, but will leave those blank.

    Thanks for your input and comments.

  4. i liked all of the above you liked, and i especially hated the jyp song anywhere & everywhere it played. UGHHHHH. when he performed that at mama 2015 i watched through my fingers, seemingly like everyone in that audience as well. just vile. blech blech.
    my favorites this year were bts’ dope, exo just about anything esp transformer; and infinite’s bad, which i’m surprised didn’t make your list! repeat in my car, that one.
    oh and i also really like got7’s if you do.
    fun stuff! tx for posting 🙂

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