“Signal” Captures My Interest With Lee Je Hoon Focused Teaser

a2.pngSignal is killing me with these teasers.  Especially when it adds all these angsty Lee Je Hoon shots into the mix.  He is one of those actors that I ADORE.  He has loads of talents and is a certifiable khottie.  Sadly, due to most of his past work being nitch shows and movies, he is not as well-known as he deserves to be.  Hopefully, this drama will change that.


Signal is the story of a serial killer who remains at large and the work of two police officers (who just happen to live in different times) and their efforts to capture the killer.  You might ask how two men can do this when they are not alive at the same time?  The answer……… MAGICAL WALKIE TALKIES!!!!!!  Yup, we go full frequency and have the two men communicate through time to try and catch a killer.  It should make for a drama full of suspense and awesomeness.  Signal is set to air on January 22nd


0 thoughts on ““Signal” Captures My Interest With Lee Je Hoon Focused Teaser

  1. Reminds me of the premise of the 2000 movie “Frequency” with Dennis Quaid in so far as the method of communicating with the past/future.
    tvN has assembled an excellent cast so I look forward to a riveting drama. Must mention Cho Jin-woong, an actor of great merit and a favorite of mine.

  2. I love him as well. He was great in “beyond the clouds”. I wish they gave him more then a second in the teaser. Agree about frequency. They had to have based the drama on that concept. It is just too close to be otherwise

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