Answer Me 1988 Episode 13: The Grim Reaper is Lurking

a0f12.pngThis episode we get a good look into the lives of the adults, specifically the fathers, as they had to face many different worries.  And while everything ended well, I think I might have health problems of my own from the stress watching episode 13 caused.  So join me as we take a glimpse into the life of a father under pressure.

So you might have noticed that our recaps are a tiny bit late this week.  I swear there is a good reason for that……Pick the excuse that makes the most sense to you.

  1. It’s Christmas time and I am being a good mom wrapping a crazy amount of presents and trying to figure out how to make a fudging bow from youtube videos.
  2. I had to see the new Star Wars movie with all my family and friends
  3. I went into kaddict mode and watched dramas for 8 hrs straight and suddenly discovered it was 5 am.

Just combine all these into one huge jumble and you have my reasons for the late blog post.  Also on that note, this one is going to be a tiny bit short because I still have a ton of things to get done.  A mother/bloggers/kaddict’s work never seems to be done.leejehoon.jpgSo with the thought of brevity (and a nap) on my mind, I am going to discuss all the scares we got about people’s possible demise/ill health.  And there might be a bonus couple comment at the end, but really this episode was all about life being fleeting.


I always get nervous when there is an episode where a lot of people go to the hospital all at once for random exams.  In dramaland, it’s like playing character Russian Roulette.  Who is going to find out they have cancer?  Who is going to die and leave their children alone?  Where is the health scare going to land?  I am even more invested when it is a great show like Answer Me 1988.  I love all the characters and would be devastated to see any of them pass away.


So who is the possible health risk on the block?  Sadly enough we had a lot of options.

Is it Father Kim who is trying to fix the families electrical problems? Hahaha, I know it is unlikely, but I had to mention how awesome he was this episode.  I am personally blessed with a husband who is extremely handy around the house so can’t relate, but it sure made for good comedy watching Jung Hwan’s father try and convince us that screwing in a light bulb was household chore rocket science.


I also give props to whoever decided to use MacGuyver soundtrack for his scenes.  Now if only he had duct taped something.


Or is there something sinister on the horizon for Daddy Choi who is going in for his routine checkup after his brush with death?  Not unless he suddenly dies off from being gossiped about by the Block Ahjummas.  They are out in full force trying to convince Sun Woo’s mom that he would be a good catch.  Not only does he care for Jin Joo but he is rich too.  Hahaha, you have to love that Korean practicality when it comes to finances and marriage.
Sadly, Sun Young is worried about how remarrying would affect her son and is determined to remain single.  I thought it was touching how she got emotional when her friends inquired about her own happiness.  As a parent, it is very hard to separate oneself from the needs of your children and I thought that this scene showcased that beautifully.

a0f5.pngSo those two are safe but what about Mom and Dad Sung who are going to the hospital for a complete physical?  I am still in trauma over the stomach cancer scare in “Answer Me 1997” and can’t go through that again, so I really really hope that it is not them.



What is even more nerve racking is the fact that Mom finds a lump in her breast and is worried about Cancer.


The block, as well as we the viewers, spend most of the episode being concerned about her diagnosis.  It also gives Dad a chance to step up to the plate and show how much he truly loves his wife.  I love how we saw him being strong in front of his wife and kids, but then cracking when he is alone.


Thankfully, the lump is not cancer and we are can all breath a sigh of relief.

Just when you think we are in the clear, the news announces that the plane Taek was supposed to be on crashed and he is thought to be dead.s5
ACK!  NOT TAEK.  I swear writers if you even think of killing off our cute puppy block boy I will move to Korea and hunt you down.  Then I will begin standing outside of your places of employment for the next 5 years in protest.  There will be chanting.  There will be handmade signs.  Maybe I will even buy one of those masks with the X’s on them that scream protester.  Don’t make me move to Korea writers.


Yes, I know that this MEME isn’t 100% on point, but do you know how hard it is to fit a Firefly reference into a drama recap?  And it shares the gist of my feelings.

THOU SHALT NOT EVER KILL OFF A PARK BO GUM CHARACTER!  This should be a standing rule in all of kdramaland.   Hmmm, maybe we should carve it in the concrete outside of every writer’s house of any drama our puppy decides to do.a0f13.png
Thank the drama gods, Taek is OK and had been on an earlier flight.  The benefit of this scare is that we did get to see a different side of Taek’s father.  He is the man who is the most collected and calm on the block, but when his son is in danger his daddy bear comes forth and he is a force to be reckoned with.


So death has passed by the block this episode and everyone can breathe a bit easier.  I am so thankful that this isn’t going to be one of the trials  we have to deal with in this show(knock on wood, throw salt, and any other anti-jinx traditions I can think of).

It was nice seeing the adults take the forefront in this episode, but I do look forward to finding out what the younger group is doing in episode 14.  Do Sun Woo and Bo Ra work past their age difference problems?  Does anyone actually confess to anyone?  When will we get the promised time jump?  Guess I will have to leave you and go check out episode 14 to find out those answers.

Til next time,










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  1. You already know I was a bawling mess. This show just keeps making me fall in the love with this group of people more and more. They really are one big family that loves each other so much. I do think by the end of the show most of the families will end up in-laws or steps so they will be a real family. :)

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